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BBC Accidentally Broadcasts the Truth About Covid Vaccines

The BBC yesterday accidently broadcast a fact. The slip happened during a piece that was intended to explain away the 50,000 excess deaths last year as being caused by a lack of Statin prescriptions being issued during the pandemic.

However, the cardiologist they invited on to the programme was one Dr Aseem Malhotra who preceded to go 'off message' very rapidly during the interview.

He dismissed Chris Whitty's suggestion that the excess deaths were due to lack of cholesterol medication before stating very clearly that the evidence pointed to the Covid mRNA 'vaccine' as being the driver behind so many cardiovascular deaths.

The interviewer, clearly wrong-footed by this, appears to flounder at the revelation, attempting to find where that little fact is in her script. It is a great piece of television.

The BBC have since attempted to do damage limitation, running an entire feature on Statins on the six o'clock news that was effectively an infomercial for Pfizer, the biggest manufacturer of the pills.

The rest of the mainstream media ran stories that attempted to discredit Dr Malhotra.

The Guardian accused the cardiologist of pushing “extreme fringe” views, which were “misguided”, “dangerous” and could mislead the public. The ' newspaper' went on to suggest ''scientists'' (who are never named) and that BBC staff were “alarmed and embarrassed” by their booking of Dr Malhotra.

Dr Malhotra is a cardiologist at a ROC Private Clinic an expert in heart disease. Compare that to Chris Whitty, an epidemiologist whose field is tropical medicines, and you very rapidly see who the 'expert' in heart disease really is.

More reading on mRNA vaccines:

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Mary V Banks
Mary V Banks
Jan 15, 2023

Watch this very quick little clip: 38 years of Olympic committee records showed an average of 29 athletes died each year, but from 2021 it was 1600:


Mary V Banks
Mary V Banks
Jan 14, 2023

Thank you, Vision News, not only for the clip of the "mainstream slip-up", but also for the long list of links to your articles about this. SOMEDAY we on the "fringe" will be vindicated (maybe primarily because we're the only ones left alive on the planet???😮)

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