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"Alarming" Side-Effects Data for Covid Jabs Seen by Major Insurance Company

Up to 10 Times worse than official figures.

A board member of a large German insurance company has spoken out over the “alarming” data his company has found regarding Covid vaccine side-effects.

A search of the databases of all BBK health insurance companies found that, from January to August 2021, around 217,000 of about 11 million BBK policyholders had to be treated for adverse events caused by the Covid-19 vaccine.

Andreas Schöfbeck, the board member who spoke out, told Die Welt: “Extrapolated to the total population, this figure would be three million.” That is around ten times higher than the official figure from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the Government agency responsible for vaccinations, despite covering a shorter period of time (running only to the end of August).

This confirms what the MHRA have warned, that the British yellow card reporting system is a mere fraction of the true number of deaths and serious injuries caused by covid vaccines. The MHRA has previously estimated that the Yellow Card reporting rate may be approximately 10% of actual figures, the same sort of disparity now confirmed by the insurance industry.

Mr. Schöfbeck suggests the shortcomings of the passive reporting system are the main explanation for the massive discrepancy, with doctors often having to report vaccine side-effects in their spare time – a time-consuming and unpaid activity. Doctors may also be reticent to see or report problems with the Covid vaccines, which have been the subject of massive public health campaigns and widely seen as the way out of the pandemic.

Mr. Schöfbeck says he sent his company’s analysis to a range of bodies, including the German Medical Association, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (StiKo) and the Paul Ehrlich Institute. He reports he told them the figures were a “strong alarm signal” that “absolutely must be taken into account in the further use of vaccines”.

“ethically wrong not to talk about it” “danger to human life cannot be ruled out”

He suggested his figures could be validated by the usual data analyses of health insurance companies, adding it is “ethically wrong not to talk about it” as “danger to human life cannot be ruled out”. When none of the bodies appeared to 'show interest' in the findings he went public with his concerns.

Evidence has been emerging in recent weeks that Government vaccine adverse event reporting systems are systematically under-reporting side-effects. An Israeli survey asking vaccine recipients about side-effects found rates hundreds or even thousands of times higher than official figures. The U.K. MHRA has previously estimated that only around 10% of serious vaccine side-effects are reported, a figure that fits with the German insurance company data.

The claims of health authorities that these events are almost all coincidental has been repeatedly shown to be untrue by independent experts. It is only the 'experts' whose careers rely on funding from Pharmaceutical companies (See Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Neil Ferguson et al) who maintain that Covid Vaccines are 'safe and effective.'

Those that are not in the pay of drugs companies, such as Dr Clare Craig, Dr Mike Yeadon, and Dr John Lee, have been of many who have repeatedly reported the danger associated with the experimental gene therapy, warning that there is an institutional cover-up on the number of deaths they have caused.


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