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Community Standards

Whilst Vision News welcomes and encourages free speech users who indulge in aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will be banned from all our platforms, products and services.  


We do not tolerate threats or abuse to any of our staff, contributors or subscribers under any circumstances.  Those who indulge in persistent aggressive behaviour will be permanently removed from our sites and social media accounts.  


Vision News has a zero tolerance of Hate Speech or abuse against any of our protected characteristics, these include, but are not limited to:


Protected Groups:

White British

White English 

Women - Adult human female

Male - Adult human Man

Heterosexual Adults of either Gender

Christians of any denomination

Jews or Jewish descendants

Shilling, Propaganda and bots

Vision News has a sophisticated process for the identification of Government Propaganda and anyone caught promoting, distributing or forwarding those materials will be permanently blocked  from our platforms.  We are also able to identify 77 Brigade posts, automated bots and shilling for organisations national and international and will remove any posts from any such organisations.

Covid and Vaccine Death misinformation

Patrons who post Covid misinformation will be banned from our website, this includes vaccine death deniers or anyone promoting covid-19 as 'safe' against independent expert advice.  

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