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About Us

Vision News is an independent news site that is entirely funded by subscriber contributions.  We are not funded by any corporations, political parties or NGOs, either directly or indirectly.  We are A-political, that is to say we do not subscribe to any political party or organisation.  


Vision News was created by a group of journalists, scientists, and businessmen in response to the increasingly bias and ideologically based journalism published by the BBC. 


Our mission is to hold the powerful to account which we do without fear or favour.   Our content is trusted by thousands of readers every week, from all around the  world, safe in the knowledge that our content is neutral, honest, well researched and factual.    


We also run a fact-checking service, where  professionals journalists apply rigorous analysis to stories.    This is crucial in our mission as investigatory journalists and to hold those in power and authority to account. 

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