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Covid: "You've Been Lied to" about Vaccines Says Pathologist

In a series of tweets Pathologist Clare Craig exposes the trick Pharmaceutical companies have pulled, and how SAGE and PHE have been in on the deception.

"You have been lied to

We need to talk about what happens in the first two weeks.

This is going to sound utterly contradictory but it is true. Covid infections increase for a period before they start to fall. This is well established. SAGE and PHE have discussed the phenomenon. They know."

"However, those with vested interests have drawn a veil over that period and pretend it is of no importance."

" The idea of a vaccine increasing the risk of the very disease it is meant to prevent is bound to create cognitive dissonance but it is what happens in those first two weeks. The only data that says otherwise is modelled not real."

"It is hugely important. It makes being vaccinated during a covid wave a dangerous undertaking and it leads to a critical misinterpretation on vaccines."

"The trick the vaccine manufacturers have played is the equivalent of crediting a swimming teacher after throwing the students into the ocean and then looking away for two hours before seeing how well they can swim. Some could swim anyway; some learnt the hard way and the others drowned while people are looking the other way. The rate of drowning afterwards was lower in the remaining group. Crediting this to the "swimming lesson" is not reasonable."

"In the early days after vaccination there is also an increased risk of reactivation of chicken pox, in the form of Shingles, and other viruses including EBV, CMV and HSV."

"The body's ability to hold dormant viruses at bay is hampered. For SARS-CoV-2, vaccination brings forward infections that otherwise would have occurred later on."

"Covid rates rise inline with vaccinations in numerous countries. The staggered rollout across the world makes this hypothesis easier to test. The rise in e.g. Japan, which started much later, and falling cases as vaccine rates fall make the case."

"Instead of noticing the unnatural spike in infections, way higher than neighbouring countries, attention was drawn to the period in spring where far fewer vulnerable to that variant remained who could still die."

"What matters is the total percentage of the population who are infected in a wave. If vaccination reduces that then it is performing as originally claimed by the trials."

The basis of the EUA was a reduction in infections and if that is not achieved the EUA becomes invalid.

"Do you think healthcare workers would be worse off at the end of a wave because of greater exposure and lower vaccination rates? Well, looking at the whole period the opposite was true. Broadly the same percentage were infected in each group."

"No data on vaccine effectiveness should be believed without the initial two week period being included. They know there is a difference due to the survivorship bias and it has been hidden. There's a word to describe such manipulation of data."

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