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Police Call St George's Day Revellers 'Far-right Supporters'

'far right' St George's Day revellers reportedly 'clashed' with Metropolitan police who had been expecting trouble since mid morning say reports.

The Guardian claimed that 'clashes have taken place in central London between police and participants in a St George’s Day event attended by far right supporters and others. going on to say "Groups of men wielding flags pushed through lines of police attempting to hold them back in an area near Whitehall before the event, resulting in police on horseback being sent in.

A group came up against a cordon an hour before the event was due to take place at an allocated location on Richmond Terrace, “violently forcing their way through” when they were told to turn around, the Metropolitan police said.

The force said it had been in discussions with the organiser of the event over recent days. In a post on X, it added: “We believe those planning to attend include far-right groups and groups linked to football clubs travelling from elsewhere in the UK.”

People participating in the event – which could not start before 3pm and had to finish by 5pm – were supposed to remain on Richmond Terrace within a designated area.

The newspaper then claimed that Tommy Robinson had attended say those in attendance included the far-right leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who calls himself Tommy Robinson which is false, Tommy Robinson was actually in the high court at the time of the march, a case that he won.

You'd expect the Guardian to call anyone "far right" celebrating st George's Day of course, but for the Metropolitan Police to indulge in such Marxist language is truly shocking coming as it does only days after they detained a man for being "openly Jewish".

Those who did attend the celebrations tell a very different story. They say that the police were waiting for them, had kettled them when they had started the celebrations, attempted to stop them from moving towards Downing Street and were indiscriminate with their own acts of violence. The police were operating under the mindset that everyone at that rally were 'far right' and acted in a adversarial manner because of it.

Anyone holding a St George's Day flag was labelled 'far right' with the media helping the narrative by describing it as 'wielding a flag' and falsely claiming that Tommy Robinson was there when, at that very time, he was in the High Court winning another case against the Met Police.


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Tommy Robinson was actually in Westminster Magistrates Court in front of an appointed Judge, not in the High Court. The Met police comissioner, Mark Rowley and his boss Sad Dick Khunt need to resign, or better still,. be sacked and forbidden from holding any high public office. In Khunts case, I've said this before and I'll say it again. No muslim should ever be allowed to hold ANY high political office in the UK, and before any of the usual hard of thinking, leftie idiots start squawking about racism, islam is NOT a race! It's an ideology that just isn't compatible with Western civilisation. Their first loyalty will ALWAYS be to their religion, and never to the deluded fools that…

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