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Non-Covid-Heart-Attacks Show 'Disturbing Rise' Since Vaccine Roll-Out

Excess deaths from heart failure that were not caused by COVID-19 are more than 12 times higher than before the Vaccine arrived.

An academic economist writing for the Daily Sceptic has highlighted a worrying rise in heart attacks since the Covid-19 Vaccines have been rolled out.

The academic points out that we have known for some time that the vaccines can lead to myocarditis, a condition that causes the heart muscle to swell. Myocarditis is typically a serious illness and in its worst cases can cause cardiac arrest and death. and points out that there are also indications that the risk for myocarditis from the vaccine may be higher in younger people and especially in younger mena group that is not seriously at risk from COVID-19.

He suggests that this was something 'not picked up by the clinical trials' though at none of the drug companies have released any of the raw data (stating commercial confidentiality) then this is an assumption and could well have been 'dialled down' in those trials. He later admits 'We already know that the clinical trials have proved misleading when it comes to protection against infection – and there are also indications that the trials may have been misleading on how well the vaccine prevents hospitalisation and death. Since the vaccine was launched, independent macro-level data has consistently proved more scientifically reliable than micro-level trial data.'

He goes on to say 'can we get any numbers on macro-level heart failure? Yes, in fact, we can – and the results are disturbing. The Government publishes a weekly report on excess mortality in England and it includes a breakdown by cause. One of these causes of death is heart failure. Usefully, the data also tells us how many of the deaths from heart failure were due to COVID-19. Using this data, we can calculate excess deaths from heart failure not caused by COVID-19. Let us compare the period in which the vaccine has been active, to the period in which it was not.

'Excess deaths from heart failure that were not caused by COVID-19 are more than 12 times higher in 2021 than they were in 2020. (Although we should acknowledge that the total number of excess Covid-related deaths due to heart attacks has fallen since the vaccine roll-out.) Could these be myocarditis deaths induced by the vaccine? Possibly. There is no way to be totally sure. But the results are worrying and merit further investigation.

One statistical trick we might use to tease out causality is to take the ratio of COVID-19-induced excess heart failures to non-COVID-19-induced excess heart failures and compare this to the number of people vaccinated under-30 – i.e., the group most vulnerable to vaccine-induced myocarditis. (Note: there is no age-specific data on non-Covid-related heart attacks.)'

This correlation is concerning. As more young people are getting vaccinated, the ratio of excess non-COVID-19-induced heart failures rises. Something is causing this rise in heart failures, and it seems like this ‘something’ is correlated with the number of under-30s getting vaccinated. the correlation appears far more than just a statistical coincidence though so far the medical establishment have maintained that there is insufficient evidence that Covid Vaccines cause any adverse effects other than those of a 'sore arm; mild headache and slight fever'.

However, despite the complete refusal by scientists to admit anything is wrong with the vaccine at all, we can at least compare the data with the reported number of heart failures in the Government’s Yellow Card vaccine-effect reporting system.

In the last line we have an estimate of how much the Yellow Card system might be missing deaths from vaccine-induced heart failure. As we can see, our numbers suggest that vaccine-induced heart failure deaths are over ten times higher than the Yellow Card system is capturing. Even if we are very conservative and we use the Yellow Card’s “cardiac disorders” categorisation, we are still detecting almost three times as many deaths as the reporting system.

In case you missed it the Academic's findings raises another really very disturbing question: if the Yellow Card reporting system is missing so many heart failure deaths, is it missing lots of other potential vaccine-induced deaths in other categories?

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