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Covid Vaccine: "Serious Adverse Effects, No Other Vaccine Comes Close” Says CDC Scientist

The evidence is irrefutable.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, until recently Professor at Harvard Medical School and member of the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee, has concluded, based on new studies, that the safety profile of mRNA vaccines is very concerning.

Dr. Kulldorff has until now been supportive of the vaccines; as an example, he went against the opinion of his colleagues in the Vaccine Safety subgroup of the CDC last autumn, when he voted to offer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to vulnerable patients despite concerns regarding side-effects.

In a new article published by the Brownstone Institute, Dr. Kulldorff refers to two recent studies. First, a new study by Fraiman et al., based on trial data from Moderna and Pfizer, which shows one serious side effect per for 800 vaccinated persons. In Kulldorff’s words the vaccine adverse event rate:

“is very high for a vaccine. No other vaccine on the market comes close”.

Dr. Kulldorff also refers to a recent study by Christine Benn et al. that shows the mRNA vaccines do not lead to any reduction in all-cause mortality, based on the same data as the Fraiman study.

Kulldorff changed his mind over Covid Vaccines after seeing so many studies reporting the same thing; that Covid-19 vaccines have an adverse event rate many times any other. Kulldorff is an important convert to Sceptics group, but is very much late to the party, some have been reporting the dangers of the vaccine since December 2020 when the first deaths occurred just days after the vaccine rollout began.

It is now well established, and irrefutable; Covid vaccines are dangerous, and the cause of death or serious injury in thousands of people and should be halted immediately.


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