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Over 400 Brits Struck BLIND by Covid VACCINE in Less than a Year; More Than Any Other Vaccine Ever

Authorities have more than enough evidence to stop the programme but still it goes on.

The latest data from the Government Yellow Card reporting system for Vaccine Safety makes for more grim reading.

The report reveals that 427 people were struck blind by the Covid vaccine in the first nine months of its rollout alone. Many of the victims, who will have believed the Government's statement that Covid Vaccines are safe, will be permanently robbed of their sight. Whilst, even more shockingly, will not receive a penny in compensation for the life-changing event inflicted on them by the state.

Since the first Covid-19 vaccine was authorised for use in the United Kingdom, and rollout began the 8th December 2020, over 50 cases of blindness a month has been reported to the MHRA, with experts estimating that this is probably a fraction of the real number. There are thousands more reporting visual impairment, or partial blindness often in young, healthy people who prior to the injection had 20/20 vision.

"Fact-checkers", many of whom are secretly funded by the very pharmaceuticals companies producing the vaccines, have been working with authorities to discredit the data, calling it 'unreliable'. Their reasoning is that “just because someone reports the event after having the vaccine, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is due to the vaccine”. Correlation is not causation may well be true in some cases but as the entire Covid death count is based on the exact same logic they cannot have it both ways. The timing of the blindness, usually 24 to 48 hrs after the vaccine, also points to the vaccine.

Louis (@CovidBlindWife) a victim of the vaccine said:

"Blinded 24 hrs post AstraZeneca vaccine. Optic neuritis. Severe, almost constant pain in head & behind eyes."

The Government's official line is that the risks from Covid-19 are much higher than adverse events caused by the vaccine, but this too is a gross distortion on the figures. SAGE have counted everyone who has had a vaccine as being 'saved' by it, and compared adverse events with that figure. This is a cheap trick designed to mislead the public. 99.97% of those patients would have survived the virus perfectly well without the need for the vaccine anyway. The real comparison should be compared to the other 0.03% of people who would have otherwise died from Covid. Overall, one in every 131 people vaccinated (0.76%) have experienced a Yellow Card adverse event. The MHRA has previously estimated that the Yellow Card reporting rate may be approximately 10% of actual figures.

In simple terms, they lied, and continue to lie, over vaccine safety.

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