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J&J's Covid-19 Vaccine Causes Blood Clots in Children Admits FDA

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced it was limiting access to Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine because of the risk of a blood clotting disorder that was discovered weeks after the vaccine was first put into use in the spring of 2021.

The admission is a vindication for those all those who were called conspiracy theorists for suggesting that the vaccines were dangerous.

The single-dose vaccine will only be available to people 18 and older who cannot take one of the other available vaccines for medical reasons, or who simply will not agree to be vaccinated with one of the messenger RNA vaccines made by Moderna and by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech.

Peter Marks, the FDA’s vaccines lead, told STAT the agency reached its decision after a recent review of the data on the vaccine revealed another person in this country had died after receiving it — the ninth such death — in the first quarter of the year. The vaccine is made by J&J’s vaccines division, Janssen.

This now gives a 'full set', meaning that ALL of the Covid-19 vaccines, regardless of manufacturer, carry a significant risk of death or serious injury. Do you take the ones that cause strokes, or the ones that cause heart attacks?

According to FDA officials the clotting disorder, called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia is 'very rare', occurring at a rate of about 3.25 cases per million doses administered. But the FDA have previously admitted that adverse events reported to them may only be 2% of the true total, making a mockery of what they are now claiming.

The prospect of a single-dose vaccine was supposed to have held enormous promise when J&J announced it's 'different approach'. The vaccine didn't require the complicated cold chain needed for the mRNA vaccines and, they claimed, a single-dose product would be attractive to people who don’t like to be vaccinated, and cheaper to use for low- and middle-income countries.

Governments around the world rushed to purchase the new vaccine, completely forgetting the fact that in 2013 Johnson & Johnson was fined $2.2 Billion in a criminal lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice for making fraudulent claims about their products, covering up safety issues and bribing health officials. Health Officials appear to have had collective amnesia. According to officials the pharmaceuticals giant had only just finished paying the fine to the US government before the same government was purchasing J&J's latest wonder-drug.

At the time of the conviction the Attorney General Eric Holder said “The conduct at issue in this case jeopardized the health and safety of patients and damaged the public trust." adding “This multibillion-dollar resolution demonstrates the Justice Department’s firm commitment to preventing and combating all forms of healthcare fraud. And it proves our determination to hold accountable any corporation that breaks the law and enriches its bottom line at the expense of the American people.”

He was obviously wasting his breath. The court case or the multibillion dollar fine has not deterred them at all.

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