Fully Vaccinated Just as Likely to Spread Virus as Unvaccinated but Vaccine Passports Still Coming

A new study by researchers at Oxford University rubbishes plans to introduce vaccine passports as it shows that Covid vaccines do not significantly reduce transmission of the most common variant but the new results will have no impact on the implementation of passports government sources says.

The study found that those who supposedly get Covid have a similar peak viral load as the unvaccinated. This means infected people ‘shed’ the same amount of virus when they cough or sneeze, regardless of whether or not they have been jabbed. What the findings should have prompted is 'experts' scrapping the vaccine passport programme but what it actually did was prompt them to say the findings strengthened their argument for a ‘booster’ jab in the autumn.

At this point any findings are quickly 'spinned' by Government pandemic advisors as they repeatedly make the data fit the narrative. If Vaccine Passports were so critical to stop the spread of a virus then why wait for three months between unlocking and implementation? Could it be that they're fuck-all to do with viruses or vaccines after all?

Researchers concluded two doses reduce the chance of getting the Covid by about 82% for Pfizer and 67% for AstraZeneca. This mysteriously dropped from the much trumpeted 95% and 96% claimed when the media were paying attention and ignores entirely the fact that vaccines kill one person for every three they save.

The researchers compared results from December 2020 to May 2021, when the Alpha variant was dominant, with those from May to August 2021, after the Indian [Delta] variant drove a summer wave. According to scientists The Delta variant has 'blunted' the efficacy of vaccines as fully vaccinated people who do get Covid now have a similar peak ‘viral load’ as the unvaccinated. This means they are just as likely to spread the virus onwards, and to develop mild symptoms such as a cough or temperature. So the findings, showing that vaccine passports are a farce, have no scientific basis for their implementation and should be scrapped, immediately. But what the findings will be used for is to turbo-charge the booster-jab programme and pave the way for repeated vaccines being needed. All that experts need to do now is rearrange the sequence of DNA numbers, claim they've discovered a 'new variant' and that prompts the need for another jab. It's a scam.

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but Sahawi neglected to mention that in his speech.

A review of efficacy and safety data for the COVID-19 vaccines by three scientists has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccines and comes to the disturbing conclusion that for every three deaths the vaccines prevent, one person dies from an adverse reaction, while another four suffer serious side effects.