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Top Pathologist DESTROYS the idea that Vaccinating Children is 'Scientific' using Basic Maths

"46,153,846 need to be vaccinated to prevent one covid death"

Dr Clare Craig is one of the country's leading Pathologists, a former government adviser Craig is now part of the HART group, who are undertaking the most detailed study of Vaccine safety anywhere in the world.

Doctor Craig's credentials mean that she cannot be ignored or dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. Previously Craig revealed how the Covid Death figures had been vastly exaggerated, whilst also reporting that the medical establishment had obstructed pathologists from performing autopsies because that would effectively reveal the lie.

Doctor Craig yesterday tweeted a simple equation that destroys Chris Whitty's false claims about the validity of Covid Vaccines for children. The tweet states:

"Some basic maths re children and covid:

if 0.0013% die with Covid when infected then out of 76,923 infected kids, one will die. If you need to vaccinate 200 kids to prevent one infection then you need to vaccinate 200*76,923 = 15,384,615 to prevent one Covid death.

Omicron is 1/3 as lethal in kids as delta. Therefore, that number becomes 46,153,846 need to be vaccinated to prevent one covid death.

Therefore, if more than 1 kid in 46M dies from vaccination, then you have net negative mortality."

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