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Safety Data Pfizer Didn't Want You to See is Released Under Court Order of Judge

1,291 Side Effects, many horrific and life-changing.

The FDA had originally declared it would not release the safety data of Pfizer's Covid vaccine for 75 years (2096) but was forced to by a judge following a recent court case. 55,000 pages of documents have now been released.

Hiding in one appendix is the clinical data for Pfizer’s vaccine — is a list of 1,291 adverse side effects in alphabetical order. There are 9 pages of side effects in small print. Here are just some of side effects listed that the drugs giant didn't want you knowing.

We already know that children, especially young boys, can get myocarditis from the vaccines but you should add to that list the serious possibility of them getting: a brain stem embolism, acute kidney injury, cardiac failure, frontal lobe epilepsy, Hashimoto's encephalopathy, herpes, interstitial lung disease, or Type 1 diabetes mellitus — just to pick a few very serious side effects from a very sobering list.

The risk of suffering these adverse events is not slim either. The U.S. government’s own database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), has over 1 million reports of “adverse events” to the new vaccines — with 24,000 events listed as “death.” Pfizer was aware of more than 158,000 “adverse events” when they asked for approval from the FDA. People had serious issues after taking the Pfizer vaccine and Pfizer knew it before it sought approval for its vaccine.

Pfizer, and the FDA who are engaged in this criminality, knew this before they released the product as Pfizer's own charts reveal.

The continued narrative from those engaged in this criminality is that side effects are mild and pass within a day or two. Again, this is not true. Take just one of the events listed, that of 1p36, it causes severe mental and physical disability, for life.

This is Criminal and must be stopped.


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