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Covid Fraud: Now it's ONS 'Adjusting' Covid Death Figures

The Office for national statistics is to follow the US and Italy in 'adjusting' the numbers of Covid Deaths.

An insider at the ONS has claimed that the government department is considering 'adjusting' 2020's Covid Death statistics to only show deaths directly 'from' the virus, discounting those where Covid was incidental in the person's death.

The move has been suggested as the Government begin 'covering their tracks' over the pandemic and the country is distracted by the Ukraine conflict.

Last week the US CDC dropped covid death numbers by over 72,277 claiming the overstated deaths figures were due to an "algorithmic error". Whilst Italy quietly dropped their Covid deaths by over 130,000, right down to just 3783. Now insiders at the Office for National Statistics are saying that it is the UK's turn to 'recalculate' the Covid death figures.

It was revealed last week that The number of people who may have died from Covid in Britain during the pandemic is impossible to calculate anyway, due to the inconsistent definitions of what is meant by a coronavirus death, researchers from Oxford University have concluded. Researchers found that authorities used 14 different ways to record a 'Covid death'.

Experts from Oxford University discovered that public health and statistics organisations across the UK are operating under 14 different definitions to classify a death from Covid.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, collated for a new report published on Saturday, show that many people who died in the first wave never even tested positive for the virus, particularly older people who died in care homes.

Instead, their deaths were registered as Covid simply based on a statement of the care home provider, and because coronavirus was thought rife at the time. In some care homes, more than half of the Covid deaths were registered in people without pre-existing conditions, which the report authors said was “implausible” for people who needed residential care.

The authors also point out that it is unlikely that a Covid infection on its own could cause death in the absence of contributing factors, such as other illness, or the infection leading to a more deadly condition such as pneumonia. The report also found that in some trusts, up to 95 per cent of Covid deaths were in people with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. As Vision News reported previously: DNR orders were used on people to 'bump up' the Covid death figures, a scandall that has yet to be even looked at by the media.

Covid deaths were variously defined as: Due to Covid, Covid as an underlying cause, Covid as an underlying main cause, Covid as a direct cause, death involving Covid, died within 28 days of a Covid test, died within 60 days of a Covid test, Covid mentioned on the death certificate, Covid as sole cause, Covid as only cause, Covid as immediate cause, Covid based on statement of the care home provider and Covid contributing to death.

An FOI response from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust in March 2021 said it was impossible to determine the true cause of death among those listed as solely dying of Covid because no post-mortems had taken place. “The trust does not undertake post mortems and therefore we are unable to say whether they had underlying, undiagnosed co-morbidities which contributed to their death,” a spokesman said.

The ONS know very well that the Covid death figures are a lie, now with the world distracted by a phoney war in Ukraine they are quietly rewriting history like the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984.

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Smith Gemini
Smith Gemini
25 de abr. de 2023

A COVID-infection is unlikely to cause death, but for those with underlying disease, SARS-CoV-2 drug is essential.

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