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Pfizer Papers: 1 infant DEATH vs 1 Successful Birth

Pfizer and FDA Knew that breastfeeding sheds vaccine to infants.

More Pfizer documents are being released on instruction by a federal Judge and we can see why the FDA wanted to keep them secret from the public for 75 years; they are full of damning evidence that the vaccine can be deadly.

1 Infant Death For Every Birth

Buried in the Pfizer documents is a 'post marketing report' that states:

  • 270 Pregnancies occurred and were reported (this includes normally progressing pregnancies that had no time to end yet).

  • One Pregnancy resulted in a “normal birth” (congratulations).

  • Another birth reported resulted in a “neonatal death” (death of the newborn).

  • No other births were reported.

  • 238 pregnancies had NO outcome because they were still ongoing

  • There were 25 spontaneous abortions (occurring early in pregnancies) and one “foetal death”. Spontaneous abortion happens in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. There were 7 more terminations of pregnancy.

The FDA doesn't appear alarmed that the company presented a product that results in a 50:50 proportion of infant births to deaths, but then all of the evidence points towards the FDA being complicit in this crime.

Breastfeeding Sheds Vaccine

Out of 133 breastfeeding vaccinated mothers reported, there were 17 cases of adverse events in breastfed infants. Three of them were “serious”.

These adverse events show that breastfeeding while vaccinated is not “harmless passing of antibodies”. It creates adverse events, including SERIOUS adverse events, in those breastfed infants. Before these papers were released, those that suggested that breastfeeding could shed the vaccine to the child were labelled 'conspiracy theorists'. The papers reveal that they were right about that too. No wonder they wanted to keep these documents a secret.

Are 'fact checkers' now rushing out apologies and issuing retractions? No, not a bit of it.



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