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Why are Questions Being Asked about Vaccine Deaths in the EU Parliament if they are 'Safe'?

Deaths of young healthy people who, don't need the Covid vaccine, yet die after having it have finally begun to raise questions in the European Parliament.

Experts named by prosecutors said Thursday that an 18-year-old Italian student who died after getting the AstraZeneca jab in a Genoa hospital last June died of a thrombosis caused by the vaccine. Medical examiner Luca Tajana and haematologist Franco Piovella said in their report that Camilla Canepa's death "is reasonably to be linked to an adverse reaction to the anti-COVID vaccine".

The young woman from Sestri Levante was healthy and her medical history was recorded correctly, they said.

Three young people recently lost their lives after receiving their second dose of the COVID vaccine(1). These cases are the latest to be added to the growing list of sudden deaths to occur during the vaccine rollout.

The recent autopsy report for Camilla Canepa(2), who also died following vaccination, stated that the cause of death could be ‘reasonably attributed to an adverse effect from administration of the COVID vaccine’.

A German study(3) examining the autopsies of people who died shortly after vaccination suggests that 50% of these deaths were caused by the vaccine, which is also believed to be behind an unprecedented accumulation of lymphocytes found in the hearts, kidneys, livers and spleens of the deceased.

In the light of the above:

1. Does the Commission intend to reanalyse the costs and benefits of vaccinating young people, given the absolute risk of serious – or even fatal – adverse effects?

2. Will it withdraw the emergency use authorisation for the vaccines – at least for the under-50s, for whom the serious risks associated with vaccination appear to outweigh the limited benefits?

This will, of course, anger both Pharmaceutical companies who have repeatedly claimed their products are safe despite the huge numbers of deaths, and will also bring out the vaccine death deniers on Social Media who parrot propaganda as if it were fact.

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