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Vaccine Safety: EU Investigates mRNA Effects on Human Reproduction

Too late for millions of women who have suffered permanent side effects and miscarriages caused by the vaccine.

A SAFETY review on the mRNA Covid therapy injection is going ahead from today, February 11. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) safety committee says it will investigate all the reports of menstrual disorders, angering those who have been previously dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists' or spreading misinformation when reporting their concerns about it before.

The 'vaccines' under investigation include the mRNA Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna jabs; both have been linked to heavy menstrual bleeding at one end of the scale with miscarriage at the other. The medicines agency previously claim that there was no issue with any of the vaccines, something that has been proven incorrect since very early on in its rollout.

The European Medicines Agency say that 'It's not yet clear if there is a causal link' claiming that menstrual issues can be caused by any number of other things including stress, tiredness, and underlying medical conditions and, inevitably, the claim that Covid too has been linked to menstrual disorders following infection.

Research rushed out following the realisation that mRNA vaccines were far from safe suggested that vaccination against Covid was associated with a very small, and temporary change in menstrual cycle length. However the government's Yellow Card Reporting System tells a very different story with over 52000 Reproductive Disorders reported to date.

Only in December, the EMA had stated there was not an established link between changes in menstrual cycles and Covid vaccines. The U-turn thought to be after evidence became 'overwhelming'. The announcement came following a Norwegian study that suggested there was a link between reproductive cycles and the inoculation.

Whilst an investigation may reassure some, those who have studied this subject more closely suggest that the findings will be a foregone conclusion with the supposed independent safety study reporting that there is no link between menstrual cycles, miscarriages, and the Covid vaccine. Contrary to popular believe, the EMA is not an independent body; Around 86% of the Agency's budget is directly from Pharmaceutical companies.

The NHS supported the no-link narrative, suggesting that some women naturally have heavier periods than others, and went on to suggest that many factors can lead to menstrual disorders including: Pregnancy; Stress; Sudden weight loss; Being overweight; Overexercising

; Covid-19; Reaching the menopause.

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