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'0' - The Number of Deaths Saved by the Vaccine in Iceland

One of the most vaccinated countries on Earth sees no reduction in Covid Deaths whatsoever. That's the trouble when two lies collide.

By the end of May 2022, COVID-19 deaths in Iceland were 153 in total. Based on figures from the Directorate of Health, published by the online daily Fréttin, 119 people died up to February 2022. Thirteen of those were double-vaccinated, 67 triple-vaccinated and 39 were unvaccinated. The Directorate of Health has refused to disclose the vaccination status of the 34 who have died since then but given that Iceland is one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet we should assume that they too had received at least two jabs.

As vaccination started on December 29th 2020, it must be assumed that the 31 who died in 2020 were all unvaccinated and should be discounted from these results. This means after vaccination started and until the end of January 2022, we have eight deaths among the unvaccinated and 80 among the vaccinated. Put another way that's 9% unvaccinated and 91% vaccinated.

As 90% of adults have now been vaccinated in Iceland, those figures by themselves do not suggest the vaccines have had any effect to reduce the probability of death. The figures give even more of an alarming picture around vaccine safety, or, more accurately, the lack of it.

Health authorities now have a real problem on their hands with how to explain all this. If as they claim, vaccines work then what is happening here? If vaccines don't work then why keep taking them? And, crucially, if vaccines work and are safe, then what are all the excess deaths about?

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