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Majority of COVID ICU Patients are VACCINATED

Covid Lies

Whilst we were distracted by Downing Street Christmas parties damning data published by Intensive Care National Audit Office shows the huge media lies about ICU patients.

The UK Government, along with complicite media, has repeatedly claimed that the current 'crisis' is 'largely a crisis of the unvaccinated' and blamed us for continued restrictions, NHS pressures and deaths. However, new data out this week shows that the majority of Covid ICU admissions in October and November were among the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated.

The latest report from ICNARC shows that of Covid ICU patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 50.5% in October and 50.7% in November were double vaccinated. Add to that the 2.8% in October and 1.8% in November who were single-vaccinated and you get overall vaccinated proportions of 53.3% in October and 52.5% in November. That compares to 46.7% unvaccinated in October and 47.5% in November. Note that the unvaccinated here includes people who received a vaccine less than 14 days prior to the positive Covid test, so includes some (an unknown number) who are actually single vaccinated.

Two weeks ago, Professor Stephen Powis, the National Medical Director of NHS England, was quoted in the Sunday Times saying: “Data shows that the overwhelming majority of people admitted to intensive care with Covid are not fully vaccinated.” Powis should be blocked from all social media accounts for Covid misinformation surely? After all, that statement isn't even remotely true.

A source was not provided for this claim of course because the establishment don't need to prove their claims. The Sunday Times didn't bother to check the professor's claims either, just part of the pile-on of the unvaccinated. The false article claimed “Hundreds of intensive care beds that could be used for life-saving surgery are instead occupied by unvaccinated Covid patients, one of NHS England’s top officials has said.” implying that ICU was being overrun by (selfish) unvaccinated people.

The same day the Sunday Times also printed an article by Dr. Rachel Clarke, the poisonous left wing Doctor who regularly gets her moon-face on BBC TV to spew venom. She stated: “Some 75% of those suffocating in intensive care with the coronavirus are unvaccinated.” Again, this is a lie. Where are the fact-checkers in all this? And why is Clarke still able to Tweet this stuff when clearly it is untrue. She Goes on to claim: “Of the Covid patients treated in intensive care in recent months, the majority – nearly 75% according to the latest data – have chosen not to be vaccinated.” This is just propaganda, completely inaccurate designed to make unvaccinated guilty of a false 'crime'.

The Guardian, also published these lies, the very definition of covid misinformation, but as of this morning, the Guardian are still Tweeting and Posting from all Media accounts. They published a piece in November headlined “ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin”, written by an anonymous medic who claimed that the ICU patient population “consists of a few vulnerable people with severe underlying health problems and a majority of fit, healthy, younger people unvaccinated by choice”.

Now that the data has been released it’s clear that the claim ICUs are “full of” the unvaccinated is false. It's a lie, and what is more, they know it's a lie. No-one now can claim that ICUs are “full of” the unvaccinated, or that the unvaccinated constitute the “overwhelming majority” of Covid ICU admissions, because that is simply untrue.

If you spot any newspapers still peddling this misinformation, particularly it if is being used to stigmatise and pressure the unvaccinated, you can complain to IPSO here.


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