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Medicines Regulator Admits it Has “No Process” to Follow Up Vaccine Death Reports

Told by Big Pharma there's nothing to see.

A Freedom of Information Request to the U.K. Medicines Regulator MHRA reveals that they have no process to Follow Up Vaccine Adverse Event Yellow Card Reports, making the entire thing a charade and proving what many have been saying all along, that the MHRA is not fit for purpose and has failed in its role of protecting the public.

The FOI was submitted by a member of the public who describes his background as '20-plus years in a safety critical sector where I was legally accountable for the safety of hundreds of products which I authorised for use.'

He goes on to say: 'In the organisation in which I worked, we were subject to safety audits at least once a year. I know it’s similar in other safety critical sectors like aviation, nuclear, oil and gas and transport. But not, it turns out, in the MHRA, the organisation responsible for authorising medicines for public use.'

Later in the piece published in the Daily Sceptic he goes on to say:

Turning to the process for investigating individual Yellow Card reports, I asked MHRA for its internal document specifying how its staff follow up individual Yellow Card reports for adverse events from medicines. This is the process which would tell its staff which Yellow Card reports to follow up and which not, as there is obviously a spectrum of severity from sore arm to death.

It replied: “The MHRA does not hold a process for investigation of individual Yellow Card reports.”

However, in response to someone else’s FOI request (21/1109) MHRA outlined the steps it took to investigate individual Yellow Card reports related to myocarditis. But if, as it told me, there is no documented internal MHRA process, how do staff know what steps to take and how does the Chief Executive, Dr. June Raine, know whether or not they are taking those steps? The answer seems to be that she doesn’t, as that same FOI asked how many Yellow Card reports of deaths linked to myocarditis had been investigated. MHRA invoked a Section 12 exemption – it would take too long to find out. They don’t know. So far as I can tell, they just cooperate with Coroner’s Inquests but they have no set process for this either, so it’s all anybody’s guess.

I’ve raised these concerns with both Dr. June Raine, MHRA’s Chief Executive, and Alison Cave, MHRA’s Chief Safety Officer. But so far, no replies. For me, the lack of response just underlines my concern that MHRA’s safety management does not appear to be as robust as those responsible for it think.

The revelation that the MHRA don't actively investigate any of the reports of adverse events or deaths is shocking. The public assume that those charged with making sure our medicines are safe are simply not. They are looking the other way. The Yellow Card reporting system is already known to under-report by a huge margin. Official estimates suggest that only 10% of adverse events caused by vaccines are ever reported and now, as it turns out, even those 10% aren't followed-up.

This follows the revelation that the MHRA didn't do ANY independent tests on Covid Vaccines at all. They simply took the pharmaceuticals word for the products safety and efficacy. The MHRA have subsequently been told by the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna that their products are entirely safe and that there is no need to investigate any adverse events as they cannot possibly be caused by their vaccines, and the MHRA dutifully complied.

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