Menstrual Changes after Covid Jab Reported by Thousands of Women as Fertility Falls to 1938 Level

The UK's regulator has received more than 35,000 reports of period problems. These suspected side-effects include heavier than usual periods, delayed periods, unexplained bleeding, miscarriage, and even stillbirths after one or more of the Covid vaccines.

Government scientists continue to claim 'There is no evidence they have any impact on pregnancy or fertility.' However a new report not part of the Covid Propaganda machine appears to contradict that statement as it concludes that fertility levels have seen a dramatic fall with the latest data revealing that they are now at pre-war levels.

Writing in the BMJ, Dr Victoria Male, from Imperial College London, said the body's immune response was the likely cause for these issues, not something in the vaccines. Dr Male called for an investigation, but only to 'reassure' women that the vaccine was not the cause so expect any investigation to be a whitewash.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) says it "does not support a link" between Covid vaccines and reproductive problems going on to claim 'menstrual disorders are extremely common, can be caused by many different things, and the numbers of women affected are low'.

It must be remembered that the MHRA have so far denied that vaccines have caused a single death, and are perfectly safe, despite overwhelming evidence from the government's own yellow card system and independent studies proving they are.

Despite the denial, there is scientific evidence to support the link. The womb lining is part of the immune system - with the cells playing a vital role in building up, maintaining and breaking down the lining of the uterus - which thickens to prepare for a pregnancy, and then sheds in the form of a period if the egg is not fertilised. The Vaccine has potential to affect immune cells that are circulating round the body. This could cause the womb lining to shed, and lead to spotting or earlier periods, Dr Male explained. Dr Male went on to deny any link to miscarriages which have spiked since the vaccine roll out.

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