Child Deaths Up 52% Since Vaccine Rollout ONS Figures Reveal

New data published by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that the number of children to have died since Chris Whitty advised the Government they should be offered the Covid-19 vaccine is 52% higher than the five-year-average, after previously being 14% down on the five-year-average before the vaccine rollout for children as young as 12.

On the 13th of September 2021, the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom wrote to the Government advising them to offer all healthy children over the age of 12 a single dose of the experimental Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection. The most important public health benefit the CMO’s assessed to allegedly shift the risk-benefit ratio in favour of vaccinating children was impact on education.

However, the Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission of the alleged Covid-19 virus, as is evident from the fact that excluding people under the age of 18 the vast majority of cases between September 13th and October 14th 2021 were among the fully vaccinated population.

So therefore, the decision of Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England, and his colleagues to overrule the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation by advising the Government all children over the age of 12 should be offered a Covid-19 vaccine, was based on an outright lie.

As confirmed by official NHS data which shows that between March 2020 and October 6th 2021, a period of 19 months, there have been just 62 deaths among people under the age of 19 in England’s hospitals after they had tested positive for Covid-19. With 48 of these deaths occurring in people who had other extremely serious underlying conditions. It should also be noted that no autopsies were carried out in the majority of these cases so that figure cannot be confirmed.

Despite children being under no real risk from Covid children are still being given the experimental Covid-19 injection, and now overall deaths in children have gone up by over 50%.

Chris Whitty advised the UK Government to rollout the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to all children over the age of 12 in week 37 of 2021. Thanks to preparations already being made by the NHS to intrude on education in schools and administer the jab to children the programme got underway the following week (week 38). Official Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows that between week 38 and week 40, the five-year-average number of deaths occurring among children aged between 10 and 14 was 17.

However, the latest data available from the ONS shows that between week 38 and week 40, the number of deaths occurring among children aged between 10 and 14 was 26. This represents a 52% increase on the five-year average.

Sixteen of those deaths were among boys, representing a 60% increase on the five-year-average in which there had