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17yr Old Schoolgirl Developed Blood Clot After Pfizer Vaccine NOT From Coronavirus

Vaccine-Death Deniers, the BBC, have been exposed, yet again, broadcasting Propaganda about Covid Vaccines, this time the useful idiot at the centre of the story was a 17 yr old 'schoolgirl'. and political activist named Maisy Evans.

According to the BBC teenager Maisy Evans, 17, of South Wales was in hospital 'struggling to speak and breathe as she recovered from the Covid Virus. The BBC go on to claim she urged others not to listen to anti-vaxxers, as a top doctor warned young people were being targeted by misinformation on social media. they then state: "This virus is not a joke for young people," Maisy wrote on social media. "Those eligible must get vaccinated."

Closer examination of the facts surrounding this case, particularly the timeline of events, tell a very different story though. For a start the similarity to five previous 'repeating anti-vaxxer' stories makes this look like nothing more than Propaganda, but, even more alarmingly, is actually covering up the real reason for Maisy's hospitalisation: the Vaccine.

Maisy Evans was not an anti-vaxxer or even vaccine hesitant. The Vaccine Programme for 16 and 17 yr olds began on the 6th of August and only a week later Maisy went ahead and got hers. She was given the Pfizer coronavirus jab on 11th of August 2021. On 14th of August Maisy took a covid test which came back positive. It is unknown why she took a covid test three days after the vaccine, but mounting scientific data confirms that following the jab being administered patients will test positive for Covid. Between day 11 and day 14 after the vaccine Maisy complained of Headaches and Breathlessness - the timing and symptoms of which are reported in virtually every case of vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, blood-clots caused by the vaccine.

Incredibly, one of the BBC's own staff, presenter Liz Shaw, suffered the exact same complication, dying an atrocious death as a result of blood clots caused by the unsafe vaccine, yet they still continue the lie that vaccines are safe. They also actively target those who do not want the vaccine, for whatever reason, coaching the useful idiot in every piece to imply that those not taking the unlicensed experimental drug are 'thick and selfish conspiracy theorists'. Anti-Vaxxers are the new Brexiteers, with an active campaign to vilify them with snide propaganda pieces like this. A follow up piece by the Broadcaster then attempted to vilify those that exposed the truth as being 'Anti-Vaxxer Trolls'.

The latest move by Vaccine-Death Deniers is the publication of a paper that claims the increase in blood clot deaths is, wait for it, due to the virus, and not the vaccine after all. The increase in blood clot incidence has been on the rise since the start of the vaccine roll-out, but this isn't mentioned in the paper, which appears nothing more than propaganda that the media can then wheel out any time someone questions the high death rate.

But the public aren't stupid and they're becoming wise to the lies, and are tired of it.

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