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BBC Employ Actor to Fake Vaccine 'Refusenik' Report

Hawkeyed viewers recognise actor from reality TV show.

The BBC has been exposed, yet again, for faking a story. On Wednesday, the BBC ran yet another story of a supposed 'anti-vaxxer' who had caught Covid and now regretted his decision. The Covid patient made a point of saying he was “ignorant” not to get the vaccine and urged others to do so. This was the latest in a long line of stories with all the same elements: 'Anti-vaxxer'; believed the 'conspiracy theories', 'avoided the vaccine' 'got covid' now 'seriously ill' 'lamenting decision'. This story was published less than a day after another almost identical story about a 40-year-old father-of-three from Northern Ireland who spent four days on a ventilator, and one of a Chinese man last week that was performed by a very bad actor.

Yesterday's piece featured a Marcus Birks, who said "If you haven't been ill, you don't think you're going to get ill, so you listen to the [anti-vaccine] stuff," "When you feel like you can't get enough breath, it's the scariest feeling in the world,"

The Covidians, who believe everything the BBC tells them, were laughing at the man, really laughing at 'anti-vaxxers' in general, and revelling in what they believe was justice. Many posting vicious comments about anti-vaxxers whilst refusing to believe that, in reality, it was they who were being conned.

However, some, more observant viewers, recognised Marcus Birks from other TV shows. Birks had 'switched off' his own website but it is easily possible to retrieve previously published pages and within seconds Marcus Birks had been exposed as an actor who had appeared in a host of previous reality TV shows, and was the former winner of one called Lads Army.

He even has a profile on IMDB . This is now blatant, easily provably and increasingly dystopian. But the Covidians of Twitter and Facebook appear to like these stories and are happy to be complicit in the fakery, and whilst they are, the BBC will be allowed to get away with this fraud.

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Marcus Birks was just another of the BBC's 'useful idiots' but within hours of the former reality tv star, actor, and Law of Attraction expert Marcus Birks dying the internet was awash with faux outrage from Vaccine-Death Deniers.

The faux outrage came in the form of moral superiority, but in reality was little if anything to do with Marcus Birks' death, really being the feeble opportunism of internet trolls who leapt on the news as a perfect excuse to prove to themselves, if not to the world, that they had been right all along; that vaccine deaths a conspiracy theory as Marcus had 'previously thought.'

Their claim was Marcus Birks’ passing away proved that the original BBC article must be genuine, after all he'd died, what more proof could there be? He was therefore, entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, and really was a ‘repentant conspiracy-theorist’ exactly as the BBC had characterised him. He was definitely not coached they protested, even though his words were identical to the previous four ‘repentant anti-vaxxers’ this was simply a coincidence.

Ok, he was an actor who just happened to have switched off his talent agency profile when the news article was broadcast but this, the mouth-breathers assured us, was a mere coincidence. It was also a coincidence that 3 out of 5 other 'repenting conspiracy theorists' also just happened to be signed up to the same agency. 'So what? cried the internet trolls, people like acting, it's not a crime!' Truly moronic.

Some in the Twitter Mob ‘demanded’ that articles about Marcus Birks were taken down from the internet entirely, claiming that their opinion alone was justification enough for any article deletion. Others took the pseudo-moral high ground, ranting that negative articles featuring Marcus Birks remaining online would ‘upset his family’. Marcus Birks had spent his entire life trying desperately to get his face on camera, any camera, and for any reason. Nothing was too undignified for him. he clearly loved the limelight and craved attention judging by his websites, instagram, twitter feeds, and numerous entertainment agencies. If his family is in the least bit bothered by some negative press when he's demeaned himself for 20 years on Reality TV shows, and allowed himself to be used in offensive propaganda then they needed to have told him that they didn't like his constant attention seeking before he died. It's a bit late now.

Marcus Birks' career had involved Acting; ‘Reality TV’; Rapping; Singing; DJ'ing and he had also become a self proclaimed expert in cosmic ordering, the technique of attracting only good things into your life merely by wishing for them really hard. In dozens of 'inspirational' posts he claimed that he was 'living proof' that the Law of Attraction was not only real, but that he was an expert in it. He only ever attracted 'good things' into his life, he controlled his own health by the power of the cosmos. Birks assured his followers that they too could have a life filled with health and wellbeing if they just followed his technique. These messages abruptly stopped when he went into hospital.

The BBC moved quickly to take advantage of Birks’ death as well, writing another article that again vilified those who don’t want the experimental drug as being ‘conspiracy theorists’ exactly as Birks had been coached to say in the original piece. Whilst news of his death prompted hundreds more vicious comments from those supporting covid vaccines, the very people that Birks’ had come to support himself.

The claim that he “believed the conspiracy theories” seems to have no evidence behind it. Conspiracy theorists are a very vocal crowd, they’ll passionately state their beliefs on social media, in person, to anyone at every opportunity. but mysteriously for someone claiming he was one on national television, Marcus Birks didn’t mention his views on any of his many social media posts. For someone obsessed with telling people what he did, thought and believed he seemed strangely quiet about his conspiracy theories. Before the BBC shoved a camera in his face that is.

But it's not like the BBC have form in faking news reports is it? Martin Bashir faked documents to convince Princess Diana that Charles was about to leave her just so he could get an interview. BBC governors knew of Jimmy Savile's crimes for two decades and covered them up. They honed their propaganda skills attempted to fix the referendum which they now use in a cynical attempt to push an experimental drug, for a virus with an over 99% survival rate, that has killed over 50,000 worldwide in its first six months of use.

Anyone who claims that vaccine deaths are not occuring, and that all the reports are just 'conspiracy theories' should be ashamed. If that causes you anger, perhaps you too are in the Doomsday Cult.

Marcus Birks was just another of the BBC's useful idiots. He unwittingly took part in propagandizing the BBC's agenda without comprehending the true goals. He was cynically used by the BBC to push another Propaganda piece. A pawn in the war against the unvaccinated.

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Aug 30, 2021

A simple search across social media sites will show you that this is a real person and not an actor, there posts from his grieving wife, the guy had over 10k followers on social media and had been posting 6 years before the pandemic even started ….


Vision News
Vision News
Aug 27, 2021

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