Leaked Government Documents Reveal Lies & Subterfuge Over Covid

No intention of ending restrictions in July, and never was.

How many revelations of this sort do we need to publish before the public realise that lockdowns and all the associated laws are political and not about health?

A Leaked Whitehall document, this time seen by the Mail online, has suggested that a number of restriction will stay even after new July 19 date. Carrying the story the Mail states:

Face masks forever, WFH, self-isolation and travel quarantine to stay, and MORE restrictions in winter? Leaked Step 4 document reveals how 'new normal' could look even AFTER July 19 Freedom Day - despite 60 MPs voting against the delay.

Subscribers to Vision News will know that we published a previous whitehall leak back in March, that had already set out plans for restrictions and lockdowns to until next year and the ways in which they can con the public into believing they're needed.

The Mail reports:

A leaked document gave a glimpse of the UK's potential 'new normal' today with facemasks, working from home and travel quarantine rules set to stay even beyond July 19 - as MPs have now voted through Boris Johnson's Freedom Day delay. The Whitehall paper suggests that the government will stop short of urging workers to return to offices even after the new target for lifting restrictions finally arrives. There is also a suggestion that face masks will be needed in some settings long-term, as well as keeping post-travel isolation rules.

Anyone who has coronavirus symptoms will still be expected to isolate, according to the draft proposals. And fears have been raised that more restrictions will be needed if the disease surges again in the winter.

The document - seen by Politico - emerged as Boris Johnson's crunch bill to delay the return to freedom passed through the House of Commons, winning 461 ayes and 60 noes. Victory was guaranteed for the government as Labour threw its backing behind the extension of the brutal restrictions.

For now, limits on numbers for sports events, theatres and cinemas will remain in place, nightclubs will stay shuttered and people will be asked to continue working from home where possible. It comes after furious Tories rounded on Mr Johnson, Matt Hancock and the Government's scientific advisers over the extension of Covid restrictions in England. They cast doubt on the Prime Minister's commitment that July 19 would be a 'terminus' date for the lockdown after he was forced to postpone easing restrictions on June 21.

The mail goes on to say:

The Cabinet Office insisted no decisions have been taken on the guidance after July 19, which Mr Johnson has vowed will represent a 'terminus' point for lockdown. The premier said on Monday that the delay would save 'thousands of lives' and allow millions more people to receive their first and second jabs.

But he insisted he is 'confident' he would finally be able to end restrictions on July 19, describing it as a 'terminus point' – while refusing to give a categorical guarantee.

The Politico document covered several key areas of lockdown restrictions remaining in place.

The document suggests that ministers should not force workers back to their regular workplace when Step 4 of the lockdown is finally reached. It outlines three approaches the Government could take: backing a return to offices and fac