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Asymptomatic Cases Were "Made Up in 2020" says Virus Expert

The BBC reports today that over 20 million Britons are now living in areas that did not report a single Covid death in April. Despite that statistic, the entire population of the United Kingdom is still living under restrictions since Technocrats took over running the country last. year.

Whilst the BBC show a bunch of excited kids about to attend a rave the reality is, it is still a criminal offence in England to meet people from outside your household indoors, other than for specific permitted purpose, or to meet more than five others outdoors, and going on holiday abroad is not only illegal but can land you in prison no different from North Korea.

Those perpetuating this Orwellian nightmare were seen being pathetically grateful to be allowed to have a pint outside a pub in the sleet of early April, with the mainstream media running positive stories about vaccine passports like they're Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket and not a one-way ticket to a state sanctioned digital identity.

Were we to be told in March last year that our civil liberties, and basic human rights would be taken from us and only returned if we took part in a massive medical experiment we would have never believed it. In the last year the Government has forgotten that freedom is (or used to be) our default setting and certainly not something to be earned if only we submit to a few things such as taking an experimental medical procedure, showing anyone who demands it our health records and carrying a digital ID card. Now these are minimum requirements to have our freedom returned to us. Non-compliance will mean a whole host of rules, laws and restrictions designed for one purpose and one purpose only; to comply.

Laws preventing freedom of association, freedom to carry on business or to enjoy family life, should have to be assessed and justified for every single day they continue in force. Instead, the opposite seems to apply – the restrictions are to continue until ministers are satisfied that there is no risk (the official timetable remains contingent). Risk of what seems unclear; we’ve come a long way from flattening the curve and protecting the NHS from being overrun. Many libertarians and free market conservatives were willing to accept emergency laws during the pandemic on the basis of the harm principle and remediation of externalities, duped, like we all were, into giving up our freedoms on the understanding that they would be returned to us at the first possible opportunity. Some warned us that a silent coup had taken place, but we failed to listen, costing us all dear.

Not one of the technocrats at SAGE are in the least bit effected by the rules that they are imposing on the rest of us. They're still have a secure job, travel abroad, and meeting whoever they want wherever they want and for whatever they want. Non of the draconian diktats they've issued have in the least bit effect on their lives. They don't have a dog in this fight. And without the 'avoidance of pain' motivation there is no impetus for them to stop what they're doing. Their rules don't effect them, so why would they rush to end restrictions? For SAGE there's nothing but an upside to all this. Power, influence, wealth and fame are all gained by this cabal of c*nts. They have claimed that their actions are to save us from a danger only they can see, an invisible threat so deadly that our snot has to be examined under an electron microscope to know we have it.

According to SAGE the virus is so clever, so cunning, and so rampant that it hides in one-in-three of us, cunningly giving us no symptoms or ill effects only to move on to the next host it will not trouble in any way. This, in case you were in any doubt, is utter bollocks. Dr Mike Yeadon, a respiratory disease expert with over 30 years of experience, points out that this "defies common sense" and that Asymptomatic patients are a "new thing made up in 2020". If you have a cold or the flu you know it. There is no doubt. there may be that short window when you've contracted a cold virus but haven't started feeling it, which may be 12 to 24 hours but that is pre-symptomatic, and entirely different to the idea that it never gives you any effect at all during it's time hiding in your system.

Not only are we to believe that we are in great peril, but our technocratic overlords are actually our saviours. They've promoted themselves as heroes, protecting us from danger, in the same way Kim Jong-un heroically saves his people from invasion by the evil American.

But which of the SAGE members should we look up to most? Who is the most heroic and virtuous? Who best has been able to see the future? It's hard to choose a favourite. Perhaps its the single, childless, pub-hating weirdo Chris Whitty, the sort of person you'd think twice about leaving your kids with. Or maybe It's Johnathan Van-Tam, Whitty's morbidly obese deputy who issues health diktats between noshing pies. Or perhaps it's Neil Ferguson whose computer models have all been grossly inaccurate, is an arrogant beta male who would have been sacked and sued for his incompetence had he worked in the private sector, Or how about Susan Mitchie? The Communist who hates the Tories, and the British people, who devises psychological strategies specifically to trick people into obeying lockdowns. Or how about everyone's cuddly uncle Patrick Vallance, who 'forgot' that he had £600,000 worth of shares in a pharmaceutical's company that stands to make him one of the richest men in Britain from the vaccines it's now making to combat the virus he says we have. It's so hard to choose, they're a bit like Avenger's Assembly, if the Marvel superheroes were a bunch of c*nts inflicting pointless rules on us to combat an imaginary foe that is. Which one is your favourite?

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