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New 'Tier 4 Needed For Mutated Covid Strain' is A Massive Lie

Boris Johnson announces a new, even more severe tier, (tier 4) under the excuse that there is a new super-strain of Covid-19. But his chief soothsayers Whitty and Vallance went on to say that the virus is no more deadly than the current one (presumably because the seasonal flu, that they're using to fake Covid deaths, is not especially viral this year).

Johnson has effectively cancelled Christmas for millions of people in the South, something that he claimed he would not do, calling the idea 'inhumane' only 4 days ago. The Christmas holiday arrangements were also passed through parliament and written into law, showing that we have no functioning democracy in this country any more.

Whitty and Vallance, seeing that the public's belief in the Pandemic narrative was on the wane, knew they had to come up with a new and 'more deadly' enemy to keep the con going. And what better way than suggesting the virus had mutated, and was even busier doing no harm to 99.6% of the population. These are the same two so-called 'experts' who fabricated the data for the lockdown in November, the entire thing based on a HUGE LIE. So why should we believe anything they say now?

The destruction of Christmas may well be a huge own-goal as the public are will not stand for this type of draconian bullshit much more. More and more people are searching out the facts about this fake pandemic, and realising that they are being lied to on a massive scale.

Boris Johnson should expect civil unrest in 2021, and Whitty and Vallance had better not be claustrophobic, because their days at liberty are surely numbered.

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