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2020 Had NO EXCESS DEATHS Compared to last 80 BMJ Report Reveals

Economist John Appleby writing in the BMJ has shown that every year prior to 2009 was more deadly than 2020 in England and Wales once the size and age of the population is taken into account. The same analysis also shows that previous pandemics have not resulted in continued elevated death rates for more than a year or two despite not having vaccines for the diseases, indicating how the human immune system and the diseases adapt into a less deadly relationship.

Appleby's findings confirm what we have suspected all along. 2020 did not have a pandemic.

SAGE have been telling us, repeatedly, that 2020 had the most excess deaths in 100 years. This is a blatant lie. A twisting of the facts done specifically to 'prove' their claims about killer viruses. What they have done is to wilfully mislead the public with a half-truth. The quote, on the face of it, may be a 'fact', but to compare say 1920, to 2020 when the population has more than doubled in that time and not think that the public would notice the slight of hand is ridiculous. The numbers may have made good headlines and fooled the gullible but the more observant and switched on have been able to look past the attention-grabbing headlines and seen the lies for what they are.

The only way to determine if deaths for 2020 were more than any other years is to compare like-for-like, which is what John Appleby has expertly done here. Age Standardised Death per 100,000 of the Population is the normal measure for these statistics, used by every Medical Statistician, the ONS, Academics and even Insurance Actuaries. The fact that SAGE suddenly stopped using this measure, because it proved the pandemic was fictitious, is the only reason they have not reported this in the usual way.

This is just the latest piece of a growing amount of evidence that proves we've been duped. The Average age of death for Covid-19, according to the latest ONS figures are EXACTLY the same as the average life expectancy in England and Wales. the same figures to-the-month. again, indicating NO PANDEMIC according to the FACTS.

As we have previously reported, Deaths from other causes have been recorded as Covid-19 in their tens of thousands. You can only fake a pandemic so far though, you can write Covid-19 on the Death Certificate to bump up the numbers but you can't claim more deaths than their actually are. This presents a problem for the Covidians, which has been 'neutralised' in two ways: One is to claim that the virus doesn't effect the young 'at the moment' but that it could decide to at any moment, and the other is to issue DNR orders on everyone over 65, regardless of whether you could save them or not.

No excess deaths, an unaltered average age of death and falsified death certificates prove beyond any doubt that there was no pandemic in 2020, yet there is a huge swath of the public who still believe there was. So offensively thick, so vehemently opposed to new information, it's these very people the government rely upon. Those that take everything at face value, usually fat and always slack-jawed, even when the smoking-gun evidence is right in front of them, as here, they prefer to scream 'conspiracy theory', and trot-out some government approved slogan only confirming their ignorance. Show them this and prepare for venom to be spat at you.

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