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Coronavirus: Have You Been Put on a List to be Left to Die?

Former GP and health writer, Vernon Coleman, in a video on YouTube has revealed a worrying programme operating at the very heart of the NHS, that effectively sentences 'uneconomic' people to death.

Vernon Coleman is an English author, columnist and former GP. He has written over 100 books, including works on human health, politics, and animal issues. He describes his findings as the most shocking thing he’s come across in 50 years of writing about health matters. In his video Coleman describes how the NHS has systematically been duping elderly and vulnerable people to have DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) on their medical records as they routinely scarified them to “Protect the NHS”.

He describes how GPs “all over the country have been contacting their elderly patients and those with chronic health disorders and asking them two questions; first: are you happy for us to put a ‘DNR’ on your file; and second are you happy for us to put on your file a note that you won't be admitted to hospital if you become unwell” he then asks “note the clever wording designed to elicit a positive response. It's a sort of trickery used by crooked pollsters and life insurance salesmen knowing what answer they want and shading the question in such a way as to ensure that they get it”

In the shocking video he goes on to give a series on incidents where patients by no means at the end of their life, were included in this sickening deception. He goes on to detail how one GP surgery sent out a letter to a home catering for autistic adults saying that the carers should have plans to prevent their patients being resuscitated if they became critically ill, and another of a 51 year old man with Down Syndrome who was given a DNR because of that disability.

This policy was essentially making all elderly and vulnerable people the ’sacrificial lambs’ in order to “Protect the NHS”. The policy was designed by the National Institute for Care Excellence (NICE) the official advisory body for the NHS on all such matters. If confirmed, then this is the biggest health scandal of all time.

Coleman goes on to say “while digging around i also found another statement: physicians have been empowered to grant a mercy death to patients considered incurable, the mentally ill, and the handicapped.” “ not much different to the other stuff, but then i looked a little closer and realised that the date of that policy statement was October 1939 and the author was a well-known medical expert known as Adolf Hitler. Hitler's policy which seems to me to bear an uncomfortably close relationship to the official policy of the uk's National Health service these days was created in 1920 in a book written by a psychiatrist and a lawyer, and what a wonderful combination that is, who argued that the economic savings justified killing those with useless lives the policy was to kill the incurably ill and the physically or mentally disabled and the elderly.”

He goes on to give a damning indictment of the type of ‘religious’ fervour we see for the NHS with a witty yet chilling statement that followed: “if you slap a DNR form on a patient with or without their permission you are condemning them to death. If you trick someone into agreeing to one then that's just as bad, possibly even worse. In my view, the NHS has been nazified. There are many good doctors and nurses working for it, but there are many more who seem to be so bad that they should be classified as evil obedient souls. The British public have been witlessly clapping the NHS, and all the time the NHS has been deliberately delivering death notices to the frail and the elderly. Maybe the British shouldn't have been

clapping but should have been clicking their heels and snapping off fancy hail Hancock salutes.”

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