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Neil Ferguson's Report Full of Political Spin and False Data


Ferguson has produced the 'evidence' needed by Chris Whitty to cajole Boris Johnson into more Lockdowns and it is even worse than we thought.

As we reported last month Professor Ferguson of Imperial College London was tasked by Chris Whitty to bodge-up some charts and graphs that 'proved' the need for more lockdowns, and he hasn't disappointed. The report he has provided is full of apocalyptic predictions, false assumptions and, most damning of all, political bias and even an attack on Donald Trump!

Yes Really.

Ferguson's report suggests that, if lockdown restrictions were eased in May 2021 that there could be another 167,000 deaths in the UK in the 12 months to June 2022, and that, Ferguson claims, takes into consideration the vaccination programme results. Even the midrange death-toll is 130,000 according to him. His report emphasises a catastrophic summer surge even if restrictions are lifted at the current snail’s pace and the vaccination programme goes at 2 million a week.

With a supposed death toll HIGHER in the next 12 months than in the last, with any lowering of that death-toll being entirely attributed to lockdowns, he has done exactly what Whitty asked - to scare the living daylights out of Boris Johnson. If the instruction was 'Push the narrative that Lockdowns must continue otherwise there will be tens of thousands more dead' then Ferguson has done the business. The report ignores all that we have learned about the virus in the last 12 months, the vaccine programme, or the year-long efforts we have already endured.

This isn't a scientific paper. Because a scientific paper would not caution the reader to look out for “bad faith politics” and "economic interests driving reopening or non-intervention”.

Ferguson has just implied that those who have lost their livelihoods are engaging in “bad faith politics”. What a cunt. It's all very well for him and his cronies to take that attitude because for him, life goes on as normal. All academics, public sector workers and white hall bureaucrats are unaffected by lockdowns, particularly tossers like Ferguson whose job is safe regardless.

He also includes Donald Trump as one of those engaging in 'bad faith politics' because Trump mentioned that there was a seasonality to the virus.

This report, regardless of how ridiculous it is, will have the desired effect because almost identical ones were used previously for the 'save Christmas' Lockdown in November and the 'just until the over 70s are vaccinated' Lockdown. It's proof, if ever it was still needed, that he's another charlatan happily destroying all our lives.

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