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Chris Whitty's Secret Plan to Ambush Boris Johnson With New Lockdown Imperative

Chris Whitty evil
It wasn't just Jimmy Savile who used people in hospital for his own perverse games

Whilst the media get carried away with the notion that the vaccine will end this nightmare by March, Lockdown fanatic Chris Whitty is secretly preparing to 'ambush' Boris Johnson with a new lockdown imperative.

With Lockdown3 originally said to deal with families seeing loved ones at Christmas, but then rapidly changing into it being for a 'more deadly variant' (because fear is a better manipulator than guilt) morphing into 'just until we've vaccinated the most vulnerable' it is now, just until we've vaccinated all over 50's, but soon will be 'just until we get the more deadly South African Strain under control'.

Members of SAGE, who are a scientific lobby group, will do another tour of media outlets next week prior to their scheduled Friday morning meeting with Boris Johnson. SAGE will take this opportunity for more scaremongering about new variants such as the fabled South African Strain. They will repeat the narrative that they are seeing the South African strain in a much higher percentage of the population than they previously thought and that it 'could' evade vaccines. By the time they come to meet with the Prime Minister next Friday they will have created enough hysteria about it for him to agree to all their demands. Those demands will be not only for lockdown not to end, but for it to be extended until summer whilst being more rigorously enforced.

Johnson staring into the face of pure evil

For dramatic effect Whitty will produce 'conclusive evidence' of their claims by showing Johnson graphs of cases, infections and deaths, all of which, they'll attribute to the SA Strain. The graphs will once again be produced by notorious fantasist Neil Ferguson who has been instructed to make the data fit the narrative by Whitty already.

All of this will be 'confirmed' by the World Health Organisation, obviously, because Whitty sits on the board and Ferguson produces the data models for them, and they're possibly the most corrupt organisation on the planet right now.

If you think that any of this is about a virus, mutated or not, then you clearly haven't been paying attention. This has never been about a virus, this is about what all governments are about; power and control.

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