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Government Secretly Extends Coronavirus Laws Until July Whilst PM Lies Live on TV

Government website publishes the real Lockdown end date of July 17th.

The news has enraged many who were lead to believe that the Lockdown would end after the six weeks promised by Government. Many have been repeatedly taken in by the lies, but some now see the deception for what it is.

Those hoping that life might have returned to normal by early summer, once the vulnerable had been vaccinated, have been left with egg on their face (again).

The changes to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 were made as part of a review of the third lockdown by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, earlier this month and published without any notification or reference by the government. The law (originally introduced on July 18th last year) allows local authorities to close or limit access to premises, events and outdoor spaces under the guise of stopping the spread of coronavirus.

The regulation, which applies to England only, was due to expire last week but has now been extended until July 17th, around the date when school summer holidays begin, as part of a slew of other measures.

This comes on the same day Prime Minister Boris Johnson went on live TV to claim 'he did not know when the lockdown would end'. Johnson said: "I understand why people want to get a timetable from me today, what I can tell you is we'll tell you, tell parents, tell teachers as much as we can as soon as we can." and said the government would be "looking at the potential of relaxing some measures" before mid-February, with Downing Street clarifying that this meant looking at the data to decide "what we may or may not be able to ease from 15 February onwards".

There was no mention of the July date, just more bullshit about 'reviewing the data', and 'potentially relaxing the measures in February' - utter lies, because he knows how long the current lockdown will run until and that is 17th July 2021.

And don't think that, on 17th July 2021 we will go back to the old normal, we won't, we will go back to the Tier system, before another full lockdown next winter.

Watch the lies in full:

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