Covid-19: A Lie Isn't Just For Christmas

No, not Whitty and Vallance celebrating Transgender Week (though it may as well have been)

You must pay penance if you want to see your family this Christmas say Psychopaths

Our Editor, Darren Birks, is mad as hell.

How did it come to this? How did we get to a situation where nasty little nobodies, who we never voted for, have the power to ban Christmas? If we do dare to celebrate Christmas then the nasty little nobodies are threatening us with even more severe lockdown-punishments. And, just so we are in no-doubt that they wield this power over all our lives, these psychopaths have told us that, if we do have Christmas Day with our family, a further FIVE DAYS will be added on to the end of our sentence for bad behaviour.

None of this has any basis in science. It has f*ck-all to do with science. This is a disease with a 99.4% recovery rate. It’s proven to be no greater a threat than the flu, the so-called ‘experts’ have distorted, exaggerated and LIED repeatedly, whilst politicians have continued to change the ‘reason’ for our house arrest, from ‘saving the NHS’, to 'flattening the curve', to 'reducing the R-Rate' back to 'saving the NHS' again.

We all witnessed that the NHS was not overwhelmed during the first lockdown and was never likely to be. And no, that wasn’t thanks to the ‘genius’ of Whitty, Valance and Ferguson, (despite what they’re now claiming). Because those three aren’t ‘geniuses’ they’re charlatans and snake oil salesmen. The 165,000 deaths these bastards are now claiming they ‘saved’ by the first lockdown are pure fantasy. Even the numbers we do have are a gross exaggeration to fit the narrative.

We have battle-ready hospitals standing empty, at great expense, that have never so much as handed out an aspirin. We’re repeatedly told that, this year due to Covid-19, our hospital wards are near capacity, but what they don’t tell you is that they are always near capacity, that’s how they operate. Most of us are actually sick of hearing from clinicians bleating about doing a job that it is LITERALLY what they are paid to do. “Save the NHS” is surely the most ludicrous notion when It’s supposed to save US in case they’d forgotten! Perhaps if they did a bit less TikTok dancing and discharging elderly patients with Covid to care homes whilst trying to claim that it is US killing granny then they wouldn’t need ’saving’.

Likewise, demanding that we ‘flatten the curve’ of a disease that ranks 24th on the list of things that could kill us is truly demented. But more than that, it is perfectly clear now that, no amount of effort, no severe the lockdown, will flatten that curve. Not whilst Vallance and Ferguson are in charge of the Spreadsheet. In case you hadn’t noticed, whatever effort you put in to obeying the rules, those charts just keep getting more and more dramatic. These have no basis in reality, their only purpose is to scare the public. Statistics can be made to ‘prove’ anything, and here they’re being used to prove their hypothesis, when it was clear that people weren’t dying in the numbers they predicted, they inflated the numbers, anyone who died of anything, was being counted as Covid-19. And if you’re in any doubt, be assured, this lie is still going on.

Who gives a f*ck about the R-Number either? This is an illness that is so terrible, most people don't even know they've got it. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in all your life? They have wrecked the economy, destroyed society, placed 70 million people under house arrest, dictated who we can and can’t associate with, or even sleep with for that matter, all for an illness with an over 99% recovery rate. The nasty little nobodies are constantly banging on about the R-number, they’re f*cking obsessed with it, used to justify their ridiculous notion that it equates to some kind of killer plague. Who gives a f*ck if it’s over 1, Or over 20 for that matter, If all those people becoming infected don’t even know they’ve got it, what difference does it make. It only matters to the spreadsheet jockeys who are happy to tell us that we all have to lockdown for 18 months as they don’t work in the real world, they get paid regardless. They’ve no chance of losing their job because the company went bust. These nasty little nobodies won’t suffer the consequences of their decisions. Actually Vallance has shares in the pharmaceuticals company making the Vaccine and is about to become one of the c