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Mutant Variant Will Mean New Lockdowns Regardless of Vaccine

SAGE are secretly planning to announce that the South African Variant is having ‘much more of a severe impact than previously thought’ and more lockdowns will be needed, it has emerged.

This announcement will be done to ‘offset’ any advantage expected by the public from the Vaccine rollout.

Scientific advisers Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance are ‘concerned’ that the vaccine programme will put pressure on the government to end lockdown measures, as the public have been led to believe. To combat this they have employed Neil Ferguson at Imperial College London to again concoct graphs 'proving' that the mutant virus is not only more transmissible, but is evading vaccines too.

The new 'revelation' will come the same week as results for the vaccine are expected. Public Health England’s Dr Susan Hopkins has stated that “we expect to start to see the impact of the vaccine over the next two weeks” but added “the NHS will be under pressure with Covid patients until at least the end of March” and said "relaxing restrictions will be done very cautiously” as Public Health abandon any pretence of being a Service and not our Authoritarian Overlords.

Many have begun to notice the tactics of SAGE who always issue scare-stories and draconian measures at the same time as any positive news. Days seeing no Covid deaths were ‘balanced’ with threats of more lockdowns; each vaccine-release was announced alongside new mutations, and now their results will be hobbled by stories that virus variant 501Y is ‘unstoppable’ by any other means than more lockdown measures, though there is NO EVIDENCE of this whatsoever. No death certificate states which variant of the virus it was that supposedly killed the patient, nor does any of the Lateral Flow or PCR tests identify which variant. Plus no test is done postmortem to identify it either. The entire story is based on random samples of the population and computer modelling.

SAGE have form in this regard, Ferguson’s data models have been entirely wrong, Death figures have been vastly exaggerated, the data for lockdowns was faked, other experts like Prof. Karol Sikora and Prof. Carl Heneghan have exposed the lies only to be vilified and cancelled by a corrupt academia.

Now SAGE face a dilemma: as the government claim to have vaccinated the majority of those at risk, and the public expect to start seeing results, it will be increasingly difficult for them to keep a stranglehold on the public. The creation of a new ‘villain’, that of a mutated virus, is designed to overcome these hurdles. It was first proposed by Neil Ferguson following instructions by the Behavioural Insights Team on how to use "fear tactics" to gain public compliance. The idea was discussed at a SAGE meeting in October, but it wasn’t until the start of December, the same week as the first Vaccine gained approval, that the seeds were planted about a new, more deadly variant that may, or may not, change the game. SAGE members have spent the weeks since that announcement leaking stories to the press about how deadly this new virus might be, and how it ‘may’ render the vaccine useless, and considering it’s pretty bloody useless already that’s no quantum leap.

SAGE plan to shock Boris Johnson with terrible news about the Mutant virus in the second Friday morning briefing of February. Just as they did for Lockdown 2 and 3 they plan to create fear and terror in the Prime Minister presenting him with a false dichotomy: "Tighten lockdowns or thousands will die on your watch Prime Minister."

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