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Lockdown 2 Based on FAKE Data

Someone needs to go to jail for this hoax

The decision to enact England's second full lockdown was based on a lie. Scientists provided Boris Johnson with entirely false data on numbers of infections.

We all saw the ridiculous 'non-prediction' that Patrick Vallance produced to shock us all into supporting the Lockdown, but it now emerges that SAGE knowingly submitted false data showing, what they claimed, were actual infection rates. Vallance claimed that infection rates were doubling every couple of days and the his fabricated data 'proved it'. He was lying through his teeth.

As you can clearly see from these two ONS graphs, the lie was huge. Vallance and Whitty claimed that there were 14 cases in every 10,000 and that this was "doubling every couple of days" in reality at the point lockdown was imposed, there were 3 cases in 10,000 and they were falling. The false data was used as the basis for the '4,000 deaths a day by Christmas lie' that propelled us into the second Lockdown.

The ONS data proves that there was no need for a second Lockdown. As we reported back in October, Vallance and Whitty have repeatedly exaggerated the risks of covid-19 but now we know that they are fabricating data on which to base their predictions. This isn't, as many lockdown supporters are claiming, 'an error' or an 'accident' this is deliberate, criminal behaviour that has effectively destroyed the economy and wrecked millions of lives so the public would accept a vaccine.

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