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More Governments Admit Lockdowns Were 'Shock Tactic' and Not Based in Science

UK must be next

Australia’s Queensland Health Minister is the latest minister to admit that closing schools early was a ‘shock tactic' and had no real benefit apart from frightening people to conform.

This follows the Belgian Government’s admission that their October retail closures were for the same reason; a “shock tactic” that had no proof of any benefit, and was designed specifically to frighten the public into conforming the London Times reported on Friday.

There have also been mass protests in France; Italy; Spain, US and UK over Lockdowns, whilst the people of Portugal are currently challenging their government over lockdown restrictions forced upon them without any concrete evidence there would be any benefits.

In the UK there have been growing demands for the UK Government to publish the specific science used as evidence for lockdown, though it is becoming increasingly clear that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, otherwise they would have published it.

An unnamed source within Whitehall has told Vision News that SAGE are now "cobbling together" a paper that the government will only publish if forced to in which it attempts to prove that robust analysis was performed before lockdowns were imposed, but "this was not the case", the source said.

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