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Vaccine Delay Could Mean Lockdown Extended

With an increasing number of spurious reasons for lockdowns to remain in place will SAGE seize vaccine supply issues to demand lockdowns are extended?

Covid infections will rise as a result of the delay in people in their 40s and younger getting vaccinated, that is the conclusion of experts from SAGE. Adam Finn, who advises UK health departments on immunisation, said "The delay could have an effect on infection rates because as we move down through the population, that’s really where the impact lies."

Finn said the current aim was to complete priority groups 1-9 (aged 50 and above plus health conditions) but also “to deliver on those second doses because JCVI has been very clear from the outset that those second doses must be given in order to provide the long-term protection that people need”.

News of delays in vaccine supplies, this time from India, was announced yesterday, just ahead of the next SAGE meeting with Cabinet which will inevitably become the topic for Vallance and Whitty. Realistically, Neil Ferguson would not be able to create another computer model in time for the meeting, scheduled for Friday, but that didn't stop him claiming the 70% more infectious bollocks for the Kent variant within hours of its announcement, so it is likely that he will have produced 'conclusive proof' of the Vaccine delay meaning more deaths or more lockdowns.

Every event, even those unrelated to Covid, have been seized upon by SAGE as proof there really is a killer pandemic behind our front doors and that the 'cure' is a Communist Inspired house arrest and an experimental medical procedure. New mutations, Christmas, dodgy vaccines, refuseniks, students, you name it, Covidians have used it to justify keeping us all under house arrest, leading some to suggest that vaccine delays will be seized as another opportunity to maintain power and control.

Ministers insist there is enough leeway in the vaccine timetable for the four week drop in supply, but this is 24 hours before they are to meet SAGE where this is likely to change. There are already fears if the EU follows through with its threat to block the export of jabs to the UK the roadmap out of lockdown could threatened. Now the neat 4 week delay in vaccines coming from India is likely to translate to another month's lockdown.

Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in Cellular Microbiology at the University of Reading, said: "By pushing back the under-50s first doses, their second doses are also being pushed back. If full vaccination becomes required for holidays abroad or even more mundane things like going to the cinema, millions of younger people may end up being excluded from participating for the whole summer."

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