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Day One of 'Road Map' Out of Lockdown and Government Already Back-Peddling on Promises

Return to schools could alter Covid roadmap, Johnson warns.

It's literally the FIRST DAY of Johnson's Road Map out of lockdown and already he is back-peddling on the commitments made.

The reopening of schools will, according to Johnson "have an impact on infection rates that could affect the roadmap for lifting restrictions" which completely contradicts the plan which had schools reopening as the fundamental element around which everything else was based. Johnson's comments came a day after head of the PHE chose Andrew Marr's show to imply that lockdowns, social distancing and masks would be imposed next winter, either for Covid or for seasonal Flu.

The SAGE propaganda machine was in full-swing today, with the Deputy Chief Medical Advisor for England stating "it was too soon to rule out a fourth wave taking off." Speaking after millions of pupils returned to schools across England on Monday, the prime minister said the number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 each day was eight times higher than “the lows of last summer”, and reiterated that people must still follow the “stay at home” message.

Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical adviser for England, said infection rates remained at the same levels as in late September 2020, even without the effect of schools returning. That was the same period when government scientists became 'so concerned' about infection rates that the government was advised to consider a two-week circuit-breaker lockdown. This, as you will recall, turned into a six week affair, and the scuppering of Christmas.

Harries, who permanently looks like she's caught wind of a stray fart, is the very same SAGE scientist who, in the spring of last year, performed what The Canary described as a "neck-breaking u-turn" when she claimed that we would be "back to normal in 3 to 6 months", and that there was "little or no evidence that face-masks worked". In fact, whatever this sour-faced old bag says; assume the opposite is true.

Harries said although there was now a steep decline in cases and deaths, infections were still causing a “substantial strain on the NHS”. though it is hard to believe that Harries hasn't seen at least one of the dozens of TikTok videos of dancing nurses in empty hospitals.

Johnson went on to say “We all know that the education of our children is so important that the greater risk now is keeping them out of school for a day longer,” speaking on International Women’s Day. “We all know that the burden has disproportionately fallen on women often holding down jobs and providing childcare at the same time.” What a creep.

Remember, this is the first day of the first step of the 'roadmap to freedom' and already they're back-peddling as fast and as hard as they can. Johnson blustered "reopening was a crucial first step on what we hope is our cautious but irreversible roadmap to freedom" adding "the government would need to monitor the effect of pupils’ return on the rest of the roadmap" and we all know who'll be collating that data: Neil Ferguson: Mr Lockdown himself, and we all know what an absolute cunt he is.

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