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Investigation into Every Death Attributed to Covid-19

Covid19 Assembly Launches Investigation into the Attribution of Covid Deaths

'Deaths for any reason within 28 days of a test' is probably the biggest health scandal in our life time.

Hiding their deception in plain sight was hoped by the Government that it would not be questioned by the public, and, to a great extent, they've got away with it. It has been mostly ignored by the public who only see the massive red numbers of supposed Covid deaths writ large onscreen and fail to notice the "Deaths for any reason, within 28 Days of a positive Covid test" that accompanies it in small letters underneath.

As we reported previously, the technique of counting any death as a Covid Death as long as you'd had a test sometime in the month before, is both ridiculous and an insult to the public, particularly those whose relatives died from other causes. If you'd tested positive for Covid, walked out of the testing centre and been run over by a drunk driver your death would be counted as a Covid Death, that is how ridiculous, and obscene this has become.

Anyone who thinks that an official Enquiry will look at this are sadly mistaken. The official enquiry mindset will only be an extension of current thinking, and will not even consider if Lockdowns were appropriate, only if they were early enough or tough enough. The fraud, criminality and utter abuse of the public won't be looked at. All the more reason for others to investigate these crimes.

The Covid19 Assembly, the 'anti-SAGE' group of experts, has announced that it is setting up a national audit with the goal of investigating every official UK Covid death. The audit will be overseen by pathologist Dr Clare Craig. The initiative has been launched in the wake of increasing reports from family members of their loved ones’ deaths being recorded as due to Covid when they hadn’t tested positive, had no symptoms or had a terminal illness.

With the Coronavirus Act sidelining inquests, testing inefficiencies and pressure on medical staff – as well as the Government’s policy of counting any death as a Covid death if it occurred within 28 days of a positive test – people have raised concerns that the official Covid death toll of over 120,000 could be incorrect.

The issue hit the headlines recently when the Daily Mail’s Bel Mooney wrote about the death of her father, prompting many others to speak out. The Covid19 Assembly’s team will comprise experienced health professionals, researchers, data analysts and legal experts. They will be collecting and analysing evidence with the aim of ascertaining to what extent official figures have been skewed.

Bereaved family members, medical professionals, registrars, funeral directors and anyone else who has information which may be relevant are invited to get in touch in confidence via the organisation’s website at Since launching, the Audit has proven popular with the public. A large amount of information and many personal stories have poured in and Twitter users around the world have called for similar schemes to be launched as far afield as Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Covid19 Assembly was founded in September 2020 to provide accurate data to the public and to serve as a centrepoint for groups requiring neutral, evidence-based information on a wide range of matters concerning the Covid crisis. The Assembly’s advisors include Dr Craig, Harvard Professor of Medicine Dr. Martin Kulldorff, barrister Francis Hoar, and Lockdown Sceptics’ editor Toby Young. Any Lockdown Sceptics readers and BTL commenters are welcome to volunteer to help. Please contact them via their website.

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