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The Communist at The Heart of SAGE, Pushing For Endless Lockdowns

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Susan Michie is a paid-up Communist Party member and anti-Tory campaigner, who sits on the government's Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE). Her scientific discipline? Not biology, virology, or epidemiology, but Behavioural Science, which, she insists, “must be at the heart of the public health response to Covid-19,”

According to the Sun her special subject is a 'hotchpotch' of disciplines including “sociology, social and cultural anthropology, psychology and behavioural aspects of biology, economics, geography, law, psychiatry and political science”. In other words, you can more or less make it up. It's 'hokum' lurks behind deliberately terrifying NHS ads featuring death-bed patients imploring us to follow the guidelines.

Michie, is in a perfect position to push her Marxist agenda under the guise that it is A) 'Scientific' and B) Response to a 'crisis'.

In response to her demands for tighter lockdowns, Luke Johnson, Chair of Risk Capital Partners Tweeted: "Susan Michie is a member of the Communist Party. They know all about controlling behaviour in places like communist North Korea."

Unsurprisingly, Michie is a go-to SAGE member for the BBC. Father of the House Sir Peter Bottomley called out the BBC over this last year saying: “If one of your previous contributors has been a member of a far left party for decades, donated more to the Labour Party under Corbyn than I’ve given to the Tory Party in forty years, was the wife of a former Labour Party special adviser and mother of Labour’s head of complaints, that might have been better than just saying she’s a member of SAGE.” The BBC hit back claiming the information an “ad hominem attack”, clearly touching a nerve.

Mitchie has repeatedly pushed her Marxist agenda under the pretence that it is to help combat a virus. Lockdowns, state payment of workers salaries, banning of social gatherings, mass surveillance and any number of other Marxist wet-dreams, all given as part of a 'cure' for a virus.

Michie no more gives a toss about public health than she does about the cricket score, she's a Marxist who has maneuvered herself into a position of huge power and influence. She's entirely unelected yet wields enormous power over all our lives to push a Communist agenda.

The real reason lockdowns have been imposed, and do not appear to bear any correlation with illnesses, is because they are merely tools to implement social control. The Great Reset is coming, whether you believe it or not.

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