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71% of 'Covid-19' Deaths Could Be Wrongly Diagnosed Flu

Author: Darren Birks

In the United Kingdom every year, on average, over half a million people die. A depressing and sobering statistic. Death, we should remember, though sad and sometimes tragic, is a natural process. Everyone, at some point will die.

2020 was an entirely average year for death rates.

The news that approximately 1/5 of people who died last year tested positive for Covid-19 doesn’t really effect this natural state of affairs. Mortality figures for 2020, despite what the BBC would have you believe, were EXACTLY on the 20 year average line. In simple terms 2020 was an entirely average year for death rates.

Lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and every other draconian measure imposed on the British people have been justified by the reported Covid death figures. We ‘know’ that people are dying of Covid-19 only because the government, and the BBC, tell us that they are. And one thing we can all be sure of, is that Governments never lie. Ever. Figures in a massive Font are emblazoned across our TV screens every night, reminding us all that Covid-19 is lurking everywhere. Hollywood style adverts showing pained faces of dying patients are accompanied by dramatic music behind a voice delivering emotional blackmail and apportioned blame in equal measures. The BBC have also do a version of this psychological warfare with a weeklong 'special report' featuring people dying in hospital beds. Because, as we know, before Covid, nobody ever died. Millions have been scared by these statements, confusing political spin with cold-hard facts.

A previous Covid-19 'advert' by the government was banned by the Advertising standards authority for making exaggerated claims about the disease, the one that replaced it makes no claims, only an assumption and a shed load of emotional blackmail.

Tests for Covid have become both the driver for this pandemic, as well as the proof. however, if there were no tests for Covid, then there would be no confirmed cases, and thus, no pandemic. Indeed the steep rise in ‘confirmed cases’ is in direct correlation with more tests. The more we look, the more we find. This logic appears to have escaped many, including some supposed ‘experts’ in statistical modelling. Were we to be testing people for the common cold, then we would find that the number of cases of the common cold were also rising sharply. By the same token, if we were to scale back the testing for Covid, and that has happened for most other serious respiratory diseases, then cases for those would fall, and it might look like the epidemic was declining in light of it.

Were we to be testing people for the common cold, then we would find that the number of cases of the common cold were also rising sharply.

This phenomenon of ‘seek and ye shall find’ does not even address the other element of testing, and that of false positives. Both PCR tests and Lateral Flow tests have been proven, repeatedly, to be wholly unreliable. French and German authorities have stopped using lateral flow tests because of the huge rates in false positives they were seeing, whilst Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test has repeatedly said that the test was never meant to be used for the detection of viruses of this type, and that the process “.. doesn’t tell you if you are sick. The tests CANNOT detect free, infectious viruses at all.”

The media have repeatedly claimed that the current pandemic is something akin to the Spanish Flu of 1918, as well as running propaganda pieces claiming more people had died from Covid-19 than civilians in the Second World War. Both of these statements are spin. They’re designed to scare the living daylights out of you, and from what I can see, are doing a great job. It should hopefully reassure you that neither of these supposed ‘facts’ are quite what they seem. Firstly, the Spanish flu had a fatality rate somewhere near 40 times that of Covid-19. and you really can’t compare the two. If Spanish Flu was a football team it would be in the Premiership, whilst Covid-19 would be a Sunday-league side. Likewise, comparing the Covid death-toll to people who died in the Blitz, is also meaningless. For a start England had less than half the population it does today, so a true comparison would be twice the death toll. Again, these things are designed to keep you in fear. It's implying Covid-19 is worse than World War 2. It isn't. A better marker would be deaths per 100,000 but of course that doesn’t fit the narrative so you won’t hear it. Deaths per 100,000 were higher in the flu epidemic of 2000 and yet went unnoticed.

Deaths per 100,000 were higher in the flu epidemic of 2000

To understand why there is such a high death rate attributed to Covid-19 we really need to look at Death Certificates. It used to be standard practice for someone dying in their 80s for the doctor to simply write “old age” or “Natural Causes”. Indeed you will know someone who will have had one of these two written on their death certificate. A relative or close friend is almost certain to have had it. This all changed following the Harold Shipman enquiry. after that a death certificate required the doctor to list all of the illnesses the patient had that ‘may’ have contributed to their death. However, now, if a patient has flu like symptoms or that of pneumonia a doctor is able to write ‘Covid-19’ with impunity. In fact, this is all-but encouraged in the guidance. Doctors can say cause of death was Covid-19 EVEN IF THE PATIENT NEVER HAD A TEST.

The guidance clearly states the following:

Medical practitioners are required to certify causes of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief”. Without diagnostic proof, if appropriate and to avoid delay, medical practitioners can circle 2 in the MCCD (“information from post mortem may be available later”) or tick Box B on the reverse of the MCCD for ante-mortem investigations. For example, if before death the patient has symptoms ‘typical of Covid 19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘Covid-19’ as the cause of death. In the circumstances of there being NO SWAB, it is SATISFACTORY TO APPLY CLINICAL JUDGEMENT.

If they had a test and it came back positive - put Covid-19; If they had a test but it didn't come back - put Covid-19; If they didn't have a test but they had a cough - put Covid-19.

The problem there is that flu, pneumonia and Covid-19 are so similar in symptoms, if not virtually identical to the naked eye, it is not possible to make that judgement. What is more, clinicians are so conditioned to see Covid now that, they 'see' it everywhere. If they were in any doubt whatsoever if it was flu or Covid-19 they will enter 'Covid-19' because it is quicker, simpler, neater and completely expected. This becomes even more apparent when you appreciate that the only way to diagnose if someone has the virus is by a blood-test, and that PCR and Lateral Flow tests, as we know, are only likely to compound the issue by giving a false positives. They are pretty much useless, and should not be used for diagnosing Covid-19. Their use is only likely to add to the cognitive-bias already occurring. The PCR test itself is not faulty, it was just never designed to be used for the detection of Coronavirus.

The use of PCR and Lateral Flow tests is only likely to add to the cognitive-bias already occurring.

Even more concerning is that the guidance says COVID-19 is NOT a reason, on its own, to refer a death to a coroner. But as this would be the only way to get a proper diagnosis, we can't reasonably conclude that any Covid-19 diagnosis is accurate. You can’t make a diagnosis just because someone has breathing difficulty, or a cough and a temperature because that could be any number of illnesses. Clinicians are making assumptions that any type of respiratory condition presented to them is Covid. It’s an obsession, started by the apocalyptic videos from China and fuelled by a hysterical media. Is it any wonder that they see Covid everywhere they look?

False-positives, hysterical media, and clinicians with cognitive-bias are nothing compared to the glaringly obvious graphs from the Office for National Statistics though. We are supposed to believe that, for the first time since records began, there were no cases of flu this season. moreover, Public Health England and SAGE have begun bullshitting us to try and conceal what is clear for all to see. Chris Whitty claimed there were only every around 8000 deaths a year from Flu in the UK, which is an outright lie, the figure is closer to 26,000 for the UK and in some years such as 2000 and 2001 was over 55,000, but the biggest lie came from Public Health England who claimed that the reason there were zero flu cases recorded was, wait for it.. because lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing had eradicated it.


We've been doing all those things for a YEAR and its made fuck-all difference to the SARS Cov2 Coronavirus, but another coronavirus; Seasonal flu, has been wiped off the face of the earth by these exact same measures. Of course, this is absolute bollocks. The far simpler explanation is that Flu and Pneumonia has been recorded as Covid-19. And, that being the case, means we're not even in a pandemic at all.

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