71% of 'Covid-19' Deaths Could Be Wrongly Diagnosed Flu

Author: Darren Birks

In the United Kingdom every year, on average, over half a million people die. A depressing and sobering statistic. Death, we should remember, though sad and sometimes tragic, is a natural process. Everyone, at some point will die.

2020 was an entirely average year for death rates.

The news that approximately 1/5 of people who died last year tested positive for Covid-19 doesn’t really effect this natural state of affairs. Mortality figures for 2020, despite what the BBC would have you believe, were EXACTLY on the 20 year average line. In simple terms 2020 was an entirely average year for death rates.

Lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and every other draconian measure imposed on the British people have been justified by the reported Covid death figures. We ‘know’ that people are dying of Covid-19 only because the government, and the BBC, tell us that they are. And one thing we can all be sure of, is that Governments never lie. Ever. Figures in a massive Font are emblazoned across our TV screens every night, reminding us all that Covid-19 is lurking everywhere. Hollywood style adverts showing pained faces of dying patients are accompanied by dramatic music behind a voice delivering emotional blackmail and apportioned blame in equal measures. The BBC have also do a version of this psychological warfare with a weeklong 'special report' featuring people dying in hospital beds. Because, as we know, before Covid, nobody ever died. Millions have been scared by these statements, confusing political spin with cold-hard facts.

A previous Covid-19 'advert' by the government was banned by the Advertising standards authority for making exaggerated claims about the disease, the one that replaced it makes no claims, only an assumption and a shed load of emotional blackmail.

Tests for Covid have become both the driver for this pandemic, as well as the proof. however, if there were no tests for Covid, then there would be no confirmed cases, and thus, no pandemic. Indeed the steep rise in ‘confirmed cases’ is in direct correlation with more tests. The more we look, the more we find. This logic appears to have escaped many, including some supposed ‘experts’ in statistical modelling. Were we to be testing people for the common cold, then we would find that the number of cases of the common cold were also rising sharply. By the same token, if we were to scale back the testing for Covid, and that has happened for most other serious respiratory diseases, then cases for those would fall, and it might look like the epidemic was declining in light of it.

Were we to be testing people for the common cold, then we would find that the number of cases of the common cold were also rising sharply.

This phenomenon of ‘seek and ye shall find’ does not even address the other element of testing, and that of false positives. Both PCR tests and Lateral Flow tests have been proven, repeatedly, to be wholly unreliable. French and German authorities have stopped using lateral flow tests because of the huge rates in false positives they were seeing, whilst Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test has repeatedly said that the test was never meant to be used for the detection of viruses of this type, and that the process “.. doesn’t tell you if you are sick. The tests CANNOT detect free, infectious viruses at all.”


The media have repeatedly claimed that the current pandemic is something akin to the Spanish Flu of 1918,