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The ONS is acting like the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984.

For three years Excess Deaths have been staggeringly high. In 2021, at the exact time of the vaccine rollout, Excess Death shot up, and they kept going up, every time there was a new vaccine drive.

The figures made for grim reading, according to the Office for National statistics 58,000 extra deaths happened in 2022 alone. For weeks during that year excess deaths were 20% higher than expected, even when Covid was factored in.

Deaths remained at these unprecedented levels throughout most of the year. Over 1000 people per week were dying unexpectedly during 2021 and for all of that time the Government simply ignored them. In 2022 Excess Deaths were 3.5 times higher than at the peak of the pandemic. Death-rates continued through 2022 and 2023 with over 156,000 more people dying than expected according to official ONS figures.

Health experts from SAGE made various feeble and increasingly bizarre attempts at explaining away these deaths; Chris Whitty claimed that thousands of men dying of cardiac arrest was because they'd not been given Statins during lockdown. His colleague, Jennie Harris, claimed that the deaths were due to climate change, whilst the official line continued to be 'ignore them'.

When Andrew Bridgen called for a parliamentary debate into the excess deaths he was met with a coordinated campaign to stop him. He was kicked out of the Tory party, called a conspiracy theorist, received death threats, offered bribes, and advised by other MPs to stop looking into the subject if he knew what was good for him.

Now, the government are about to make excess deaths magically disappear. The Office for National Statistics have announced that they've designed a way of calculating excess deaths which, they claim, is more accurate but just happens to show far fewer of them. They have already gone back over last years figures and managed to get excess deaths down to 11,000 and they're about to apply the same trick to 2021 and 2022. Once that is done, there will be no excess deaths. They will have effectively made the problem disappear with a simple statistical trick.

No need to investigate pharmaceutical companies, no need to call a health emergency, no need to quiz doctors either, just change the way the figures are calculated and, hey-presto, the problem magically disappears. Once they've cooked the books they will undoubtedly ask Andrew Bridgen "What excess deaths? there weren't any! you must be mistaken."


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