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Excess DEATHS Now 3.5 Times HIGHER than Peak of Pandemic

The bodies are piling up.

At the height of the Pandemic there were 350 excess deaths per week, compared to the previous 5 year average. Currently, there are 1250 excess deaths per week, that is 3.5 times the Covid peak.

According to the ONS excess deaths are continuing to run at 12.3% above the five-year average, an average that now includes the pandemic years. Of the 1250 deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending October 28th, 804 were attributed to an "underlying cause other than COVID-19", bringing the total excess non-Covid deaths since the wave began in April to 23,287.

Although a sizeable percentage of these deaths are caused by the fallout from Lockdowns, there is a stark correlation between deaths and Covid vaccines. A correlation of excess non-Covid deaths with the rollout of the spring vaccine booster in April and May.

The high excess deaths – many of which are heart-related – continued throughout the summer and didn’t drop off as the booster campaign finished. This may be due to a delayed effect of vaccine injury, or other causes may be involved. The current favoured 'explanation', as set out in a recent report from the British Heart Foundation is that lack of access to healthcare during the pandemic and NHS backlogs are primarily to blame, but fails to even make a nod towards vaccines which appears to be deliberate.

Yet more evidence for the role of the vaccines can be seen in the chart below, produced by Will Jones of the Daily Sceptic who says "I have plotted the autumn vaccine doses in the over-75s (the age group which makes up the large majority of deaths) and excess non-Covid death occurrences (in red), revealing a striking correlation once again. Covid death occurrences (in blue), on the other hand, rise and peak several weeks later."

We must put this into context. The Correlation appears stark but on its own these data can (and are) easily dismissed. But these data are merely the evidence supporting the mass of studies that already concluded that Covid Vaccines are dangerous.

A huge amount of studies by independent scientists reported risk of death and serious injury from the Covid Vaccines. Even Pfizer's own trial data reports deaths were up 40% in the vaccine group compared to the placebo.

How long can authorities turn a blind eye?


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