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"His Majesty’s Government is NOT Going to Investigate Excess Deaths"

Why? Because nobody died from the vaccine.

There are a handful of MPs actually doing the job for which they were elected; representing the people of their constituency. Most prominent is Andrew Bridgen but another who is asking the Government awkward questions is the Right Hon. Esther McVey MP.

Reporting on this Substack's Tom Jefferson of Trust the Science writes:

'A while ago, we stated that there were MPs who were doing the job they were elected to do.

One of them is the Right Hon. Esther McVey MP, who continues to ask questions prompting now routine escape and evasion answers from HMG. They must have taken a master class from the Great Houdini or undergone SAS selection, where you must withstand interrogation if caught.'

Here is the latest example answered by no less than the MP who openly persecuted us on a website because, amongst other peccadillos, we dared to question the rules of six (remember that?).

HMG and Mr O’Brien MP announced that they have absolutely no intention of investigating the causes of excess mortality in England and Wales. Instead, they ran for cover behind the usual waffle of F&C words and sundry conditions and will set out a ‘“strategy”.

A bit too late for those who have left us; the Minister, however, was careful not to mention statin starvation and lack of BP monitoring, so at least they have stopped making fools of themselves. Maybe.

But there you have it, young or old, black or white, poor, very poor or very very poor, hot or cold, you can die before your time, and it’s ok with HMG. A truly democratic set of principles. Despite the official attitude, we will continue to keep this public health drama in the public eye, but we need your help, all of you, your friends and your contacts.

Think of what we have been through in the last three years and what the families of those who died must feel.

This week Andrew Bridgen called out the BBC's new 'ministry of truth' department 'BBC Verify' speech following his move to the Reclaim Party. Again, Penny Mordaunt implied he was a 'conspiracy theorist'. However, Mordaunt, is a WEF puppet with links to Bill Gates, and is the living embodiment of the corruption at the heart of government.


Every day, HMG and the dishonourable MPs in the HoC ( with a couple of honourable exceptions ) prove themselves to be the unprincipled, selfish, three faced, lying, morally bankrupt and corrupt scumbags they've long been thought to be.

They, along with everyone involved in inflicting or enabling the great covid con, mask and jab mandates and the totally ineffective lockdowns which caused more death and destruction to the health; both physical and mental of the people of this country, as well as the economy, than Hitler managed in six years, should be locked into a facilty large enough for all of them and forced to watch and listen to these three videos. part 1 3 hr 27 min


Vision News
Vision News
May 28, 2023

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