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AstraZeneca Admits Killing and Maiming Patients with Its Gates-Backed Covid Vaccine

In a landmark court case, AstraZeneca has admitted its Covid-19 Vaccine maimed and killed patients in 2021.

The pharmaceutical giant is now facing a class action lawsuit over it's false claims which could in-turn lead to criminal actions and imprisonment for those ultimately responsible.

The pharmaceutical giant admitted that its Covid-19 'vaccine' (Covishield) which was sponsored by Bill Gates, and was administered in 150 countries around the world, was responsible for blood clots and low platelet counts that lead to strokes, disabilities and deaths in patients.

Bill Gates was behind the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine from the start.

Oxford University initially said any vaccine it developed would be open to qualified manufacturers to produce without paying royalties, and priced either at cost or at a small profit. However, as soon as Gates became involved in the project the focus changed. In August 2020, reportedly after pressure from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the university decided to change course. Gates reportedly 'took charge' of the project, pushing the university into entering an exclusive licensing agreement with the British-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca.

The 'vaccine' was the first to be released and the initial wave of Covid jabs were all the AZ concoction. Almost immediately after launch reports of patients suffering strokes shortly after receiving the jab were dismissed as coincidence, fake-news and an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory.

The government doubled-down on the 'safe and effective' lie even though it was becoming increasingly difficult deny the truth. By September of 2021 the Yellow Card reporting system was recording an 1 adverse event in every 108 people, and had already claimed over 1000 lives.

Researchers performed a meta-analyse of safety studies from around the world and discovered that the AZ vaccine WAS responsible for causing blood clots that lead to strokes, and heart attacks, exactly as the 'conspiracy theorists' had said they were.

The researches identified the 'vaccine' was causing the condition: TTS, or Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, a serious and life threatening condition that lead to the AZ vaccine being quietly withdrawn in a number of countries. Incredibly, even after this, and in full knowledge of the truth, the UK Government continued to claim that it was 'safe and effective' and repeatedly gaslit the public over the deaths.

Oxford University rushed out a number of fake studies claiming that the Oxford/AstraZeneca product was safe and that you were 200 times more likely to suffer a blood clot from Covid than their vaccine, something they did after people started dying from blood clots. It later emerged that the study was bogus, with those dying from the vaccine, being counted as dying from Covid.

Now, in a significant development against the 'clot-shot' AstraZeneca have admitted that their jab led to deaths and serious injuries. Court documents that contain the admission come as a class-action lawsuit has been filed in the UK by victims seeking damages estimated to be worth up to £100million.

AstraZeneca are playing down the case saying that their jab only caused blood clots "in very rare cases"

The admission by AstraZeneca contradicts the company’s previous claim in 2023 that it would “not accept that TTS is caused by the vaccine at a generic level”.

However, the admission is seen by many as the first step to eventual criminal proceedings being brought against those responsible. Millions would like nothing better than to see the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci stand trial. Many are adamant that the experimental vaccines were knowingly faulty and that releasing them to the public in full knowledge that they were likely to maim and kill is corporate manslaughter. Many more believe that this was deliberate and that those behind it are murderers.

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That picture is one that millions would LOVE to see splattered across front pages and news sites around the world along with a picture of the gallows!

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