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UK Government REFUSE to INVESTIGATE Thousands of EXCESS DEATHS a week Despite OVERWHELMING Evidence

In 2022, the year AFTER the pandemic, there were over 58,000 excess deaths, yet the Government continue to deny there is anything to investigate.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in week ending 23 December 2022, the last week for which data is available there, was a total of 2494 EXCESS DEATHS.

The figures break down as follows:

The number of deaths was above the five-year average in private homes (37.5% above, 1,120 excess deaths), hospitals (18.8% above, 1,031 excess deaths), care homes (10.5% above; 282 excess deaths) and other settings (7.0% above, 61 excess deaths) in Week 51 in England and Wales.

These are truly shocking statistics. To put it them in perspective, by the time we had reached half that from Covid deaths the country was in full lockdown. The Government was prepared to put the entire country into quarantine, wreck the economy, and destroy the education and mental health of nine million children on the strength of it. Then daily death-counts were on every bulletin, keeping the public fearful that they too could be part of those statistics.

This is a Health Emergency, so where are the Government's SAGE meetings? All we have had from them is the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty contention that the cause of excess deaths was all down to a lack of blood pressure monitoring and cancer services. As Dr Carl Heneghan has pointed out, these are evidence-free statements.

Meanwhile his colleague Jenny Harries of the Health Security Agency claims that Excess Deaths are due to climate change.

On January 24th, Esther McVey MP asked whether His Majesty’s Government was investigating or was planning to do so and received an evasive answer from the Minister.

Now Lord Strathcarron has asked the same question and received an answer from Lord Markham.

The minister gave the stock answers, failing to see anything in the sheer numbers we're now seeing.

Dr Henegan, in his Substack blog: Trust the Evidence goes on to say:

'There is no need to worry – apart from this slight problem with deaths – the Government is keeping an eye on your health, have no fear. And it does not need to investigate as there are a variety of folks (we’re not sure if this includes us) producing “diverse estimates” with various methods. Oh, by the way: F and C have been nose-diving for some time after a steep upward and downward trajectory. But not so excess non-Covid mortality, which we’ve been writing about since August when we launched our Substack and pointed out we have reached the point for triggering a causal investigation. Nothing has changed our concern.'


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