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Excess Deaths are Result of 'Climate Change' says HSA Chief

The Health Security Agency boss, who was one of the zealots constantly demanding lockdowns, mandates and vaccines throughout the last two years now claims that the huge excess death rate that we are seeing is not only nothing to do with those demanded but caused by... climate change.

Jenny Harries, when questioned about the 2,800 excess deaths that had occurred last month, claimed that the excess deaths were caused by periods of hot British weather in the summer and appears to borrow from Just Stop Oil's oft repeated lie that 'thousands of Britons died from the hot weather in Britain this year.

Just for clarity, there were three deaths in England and Wales that were attributed to the hot weather: All were teenage boys who drowned whilst swimming in rivers during the two hot days that Harries now claims was a 'summer'.

Harries said: “If several aeroplanes all exploded and we’d lost that many people it would be frontpage news in health protection terms.” going on to claim the “climate emergency” would bring wide-reaching health impacts, “with food security, flooding and mosquito-borne diseases posing threats”.

Harries was part of a governing elite that trashed the British economy and will have caused an estimated 260,000 deaths over the next five years. The same group who are now attacking us again by banning reliable and cheap fuel. Harries argues that the threat to health should be considered as part of the U.K.’s broader climate policy, but the biggest threat to health is her and her friends. Make no mistake, they are the real danger to every single person in Britain today.


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