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Chris Whitty Warns Thousands of People are Dying of Heart Conditions

It's their own fault maintains Whitty.

Sir Chris Whitty has admitted that excess deaths are up. The reason? Whitty maintains that its the patient's fault, with people’s reluctance to burden the NHS during the pandemic is what has caused a higher number of deaths than normal.

Speaking to the Mail Online Whitty said "this year has seen a higher number of deaths than normal from preventable conditions as many have been unable to get statins or pills for blood pressure in lockdowns."

As of now, there are currently 800 more people dying each week over normal levels, and only half of that is due to Covid, the Times has reported. Earlier this year, Mail Online reported that deaths from heart attacks soared by a fifth during the pandemic.

Whitty referred to the excess deaths shown in the figures from the Office of National Statistics which demonstrate that 5,170 deaths in men aged 50-64 died of a fatal heart attack which he maintains "could have been helped by heart medications."

Whitty didn't mention mRNA 'vaccines' or that many of these deaths occurred in waves, peaking in the two weeks following every booster rollout.

But no, it wasn't anything to do with experimental gene therapy drugs made by habitual criminals with a track record of fraud, covering up safety data, and bribery. Habitual criminals that he was in the pay of at the time they were prosecuted.

Whitty's comments come after his colleague, Jenny Harries, the Health Security Agency chief, claimed that climate change was the cause of these excess deaths. Yes really, see her comments here:

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