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Irish Government Tries to Blame UK for Migrant Crisis IT Created

Ireland is sinking, the EU stronghold has seen a massive influx of migrants from the third world in the last three years with thousands more set to arrive in the next few months.  

The country is buckling under the strain, with its infrastructure reportedly unable to cope,  crime rates soaring, shanty-towns have spring up in several towns, and the economy about to tank causing worried Irish citizens to stage large-scale protests against the Government's immigration policy.

In an astonishing act of gaslighting Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris, went on nation television to blame the UNITED KINGDOM for its migrant crisis.  

Yes really.

Harris said "I'm not going to comment on whether the British migration policy is working, that's a matter for him (Mr Sunak) to put to the British people." then added agressively:

"Every country is entitled to have its own migration policy, but I certainly don't intend to allow anybody else's migration policy to affect the integrity of our own one."
"This country will not in any way, shape or form provide a loophole for anybody else's migration challenges. That's very clear. Other countries can decide how they wish to advance migration." "From an Irish perspective, we intend to have a firm rules-based system where rules are in place, where rules are in force, where rules are seen to be enforced."
"It is a statement of fact that there was a returns agreement in place between Ireland and Britain, and there was a High Court decision in the month of March in relation to that."
"My colleague, the Minister for Justice, will now bring forward legislative proposals to Cabinet on Tuesday that will seek to put in place a new returns policy. We're going to await the full details of that but it's one which will effectively allow, again, people to be returned to the United Kingdom. And I think that's quite appropriate. It was always the intention."

Blaming Britain for the crisis is seen as going down well with right-wing voters in Ireland. Britain still remains the boogeyman for many in Ireland and this is only the latest in a long history of Brit-bashing both before and after Brexit.

Ireland is controlled by the European Union and it is their mass-migration policy that is at the root of these actions. When Brexit happened Ireland demanded that the border between north and south remained open in part for the free movement of people, yet the same Irish government are now complaining about migrants taking advantage of that soft border.

The illegal migrants that are descending on southern Ireland are the very same illegal migrants that left another EU country (France) to travel to the UK in the first place.   They are merely passing through the UK to their final destination.  They don't come from Britain, aren't British and don't have any rights to stay here. They are effectively none of our business.

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