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'Tier 5' in January Planned by SAGE in OCTOBER as Mad Scientists Drunk on Power

As scientists from SAGE cajole Boris Johnson into an even more draconian 'Tier 5' lockdown, and the country appears surprised, a whitehall source tells Vision News that it was planned all along.

A Whitehall source has told Vision News that the plan to implement 'the type of severe lockdown we saw in March' was made back in October at a SAGE meeting that included Neil Ferguson. The original excuse to be used was 'families mixing over Christmas', but was later bolstered with the idea of a 'Mutant strain' of the virus when it became clear the Christmas mixing story would not wash with the British public.

"This was all planned, all of it, way back in October" our source claims. It is thought that NERVTAG, the scientific team that Ferguson sits on, conspired with The Behavioural Insights Team (The Nudge Unit) to come up with a plan to impose a total lockdown from January onwards. "This lockdown was going to happen mutant strain or not" He added.

And, just in case you thought that this lockdown will finish at the end of January then think again, it is scheduled to run until the spring where flu viruses naturally drop off anyway, but this will, of course, be claimed by SAGE as proof of the lockdown's success. See how this works now?

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